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Why Us?

Your award-winning eCommerce recruitment agency

Hello there! We’re cranberry panda, a multi award-winning ecommerce recruitment agency with a passion for online retail

Whether you're hiring a new ecommerce team member or looking for a new digital job, we're here to help! 

We can’t wait to hear from you … but before you grab your phone or head over to your inbox, why not learn a little more about us? If you already know who we are, scroll down (and down!) and take a look at our panda profiles and check out our reviews

1. Our founders are actually ecommerce heroes themselves

Yep, our founders have been in the industry since 1999 – and by in the industry, we don’t just mean in recruitment. Their proud history includes founding eibDigital and the legendary buyagift.co.uk. In fact, it was their own frustration with recruitment agencies - identifying the wrong ecommerce candidates for their businesses - that led to our development. 

2. Everyone here at cranberry towers knows and loves the sector too

You’ll find that many of our pandas have actually worked in ecommerce roles before - from online merchandising and email marketing to social media and SEO. And those that haven’t are truly passionate about the sector, going beyond the daily 9-5 to take part in tailored training sessions and attend local events and workshops. 

3. Our ecommerce specialisms make us powerful

Each panda works on an ecommerce discipline (or two!) that they know and love. We refer to this as an ecommerce specialism. Our specialisms include: analytics & insightsonline marketing (social media, SEM, SEO, PPC, paid social, affiliate, CRM & email marketing), ecommerce (online trading & merchandising, product management), and creative (digital design & content marketing). 

How do our specialisms help? Well, when you’re working with our pandas, you can relax, knowing that you’ll be receiving reliable advice and award-winning support. What’s more, if you’re a candidate, you can be sure that our pandas will understand your day-to-day pressures, your unique skillset, and - most importantly - just how amazing you are. And if you’re a client? You’ll have access to a wealth of industry knowledge and insight, and your consultant will really understand the skills and experience that your new team member needs.

Oh and, by the way, did you know that we can also help you build an entire ecommerce department? 

4. our non-executive directors are extraordinary 

They sure are! We're incredibly proud to introduce you to our non-executive directors Ashley Friedlen, founder of Econsultancy and member of the government’s Digital Advisory Board, and Louie Evans, founder of Asclepius Global, the £55m recruitment agency for the healthcare industry. 

5. our purpose in life? creating happiness one job at a time

Here at cranberry towers, we live by our values and we’re dedicated to our purpose. We go above and beyond to ensure that we're always matching the right person to the right opportunity …

 … but don't just take our word for it!

We were named ‘Best Niche Agency – Sector’ at the 2015 Mara Awards; here’s what the judges had to say about us:

“The winner of this category submitted a robust entry filled with examples of genuine value-added services within a very tight and competitive sector. Tangible statistics supported obvious thought-leadership and a vast understanding of candidate and client demands.” 

We’ve previously won awards for Best Marketing Campaign (2014) and Best Client Service (2013 & 2012) and we were 1 of only 4 finalists in The Drum Network's '2015 Recruitment Agency of the Year' category. 

... and head on over to our testimonials page and see what everyone else is saying too!


From when we first started communicating Mischa treated me more as a person than as a client. His communication skills were excellent in...

Alexander Campbell

E-Commerce and Marketing Manager at Metro Hobbies


Mischa helped me procure my current position.  He worked round the clock to meet the demands of hiring for a company that was opening...

Wilson H. Kong

eCommerce Merchandiser/CRM at Science in Sport


Mischa was incredibly helpful throughout whole recruitment process, and always provided helpful information with his in depth knowledge...

Simon Kassab

PPC Consultant


I’ve known Haley professionally since 2014, and both my last two roles have been through her. I think Haley builds rapport...

Malcolm Duffit

Head of Ecommerce , Jing Tea


The service I received from Cranberry Panda was a truly personable experience. My recruiter, Mischa worked with me every step of the way...

Jeffrey Herbert

Science in Sport, Online Trading Manager (Melbourne)

Jonathan Hall

Founder/Chief Panda
07711 545008

What's the furthest our chief panda has run in one go? Get to know Jonathan a little better...

View all Jonathan's roles [1]

Yasmin Vachet

Director of Ecommerce Recruitment
07715 902871

What type of dance has Yasmin competed in at national level? Why not find out...

View all Yasmin's roles [4]

Joshua Shrive

Head of Performance Marketing Recruitment
0786 092 2866

If Josh was a wild panda for the day, what would his mission be? Find out here...

View all Joshua's roles [9]

Haley Johnson

Principal Consultant - CRM & Senior Digital Marketing

What would Haley do if she was given a free ticket to anywhere in the world? Find out here...

View all Haley's roles [10]

Mary Haddad

Principal Consultant - Senior Ecommerce Management, Online Trading & Merchandising
07718 584023

Do belly dancing pandas exist? Find out from Mary, who can prove they do...

View all Mary's roles [13]

Mischa Walmsley

Ecommerce Recruitment Consultant - Product, Project and Programme
07872 031282
View all Mischa's roles [5]

Ben Lerch

Ecommerce Recruitment Consultant - Digital Design & UX/UI
07841 027 527

Is super speed the best super power? Ben thinks so...

View all Ben's roles [9]

Aimi Walker

Ecommerce Consultant - Web Analytics, CRO, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
07703 189303

Bueller...Bueller! Find out why Aimi thinks Ferris Bueller is the greatest movie hero of all time...

View all Aimi's roles [7]

Ashleigh St Hill

Ecommerce Consultant - Social Media
07702 519114

Can you guess what Ashleigh's favourite cuisine might be?

View all Ashleigh's roles [4]

Chris Cox

Marketing Manager

What's all this talk about controlling the weather? Let Chris explain...

Agnese Rossi

Ecommerce Resourcer

What superpower would Agnese choose? Find out here...

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