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Posted: 19th of June 2015 by Amanda Kouwenhoven

3 reasons why we love the Digital Analytics Hub conference

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If you haven’t already stumbled across the Digital Analytics Hub conference, then let me be the first to introduce you to it. The event markets itself as a conference with a difference. And, believe me, that is exactly what it is. There’s no hard sell, just lots of enthusiasts from all over the world, meeting and chatting about digital analytics. 

So, if you’re a.) into digital analytics and b.) tired of sitting through sales pitches, read on; I’m about to share 3 things about the Digital Analytics Hub Conference (DAHub) that will make you jump with joy! 

The Digital Analytics Hub Conference shuns the 'one size fits all' mentality

Need to learn more about A/B testing? Curious about tag management systems? Looking to combine digital analytics with usability data? Well, there’s a workshop for all of that - and more! Headed by industry experts, the pre-conference workshops are a great way to learn, share your thoughts, and further develop your skillset. The biggest issue here? Trying to decide which workshops to choose ... so much choice, such little time!  

The word 'sales' can (very safely) be replaced with 'discussions'

Yep, that’s right. Discussions are a firm favourite at DAHub and, after being involved in a few, I can see why! Each delegate takes part in 6 ninety minute discussions over the 2 day conference, with over 50 different topics to choose from. Yes, that’s right – over 50!

Led by an industry specialist, you’ll find a small number of enthusiasts - each with varying levels of experience - within each group. And although the topic is pre-selected, the discussion itself is tailored to the needs of everyone involved. The very best bit? Being able to share insights and discuss your thoughts freely. No need to wait for question time or sit through lengthy presentations. Bliss. 

Hard work is rewarded with dinner with a view

During discussions, you get to know your fellow enthusiasts quite well … but it’s hard to chat a lot between all of the day’s discussions and keynotes. And that’s why the evening networking events are so good. Everyone comes together for a bite to eat and a spot of networking at some of the capital’s most beautiful locations (think: Skyloft – Altitude). Definitely the best way to end an enjoyable day of thinking, chatting and learning! 


Feeling sad that you missed this year’s DAHub?

Don't miss next year's. Keep an eye on our events page for more information ... 

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