Beyond contributory pension: beautiful benefits

Jun 29, 2015 5:21:07 PM

A great salary is a must-have for ecommerce superstars, but what about employee benefits? What are companies offering, above the basic salary, to keep everyone content in their current roles? Well, we did some investigating ... 

The most popular employee benefits for ecommerce professionals are ... 

In our latest salary survey, we found that 'contributory pension' was the most common employee benefit offered, with 50% of our respondents receiving it. Following on from this was private medical insurance (37%), product / services discount (34%), more than 25 days holiday (31%) and discretionary bonus (31%). 

... But there are more benefits available than that

Companies aren't just sticking to the standard benefits; here at cranberry towers, we see a lot of creative and exciting variations. In fact, one that recently caught our eye was 'a laptop of your choice'. Nice, eh! It's also great to see benefits such as free cake, free fruit, team activities, Q&A sessions with amazing industry influencers, social clubs and subsidised gym memberships make an appearance on recent job ads. 

Lifestyle-related benefits seem to be big news for start-ups right now. By this, we mean regular social events and activities that help build the team, while also rewarding everyone for a job well done. 

What do ecommerce superstars expect?

What type of benefits would you love to receive? That's the question that we asked our survey respondents (feel free to share your response on Twitter too!). The answers were all based on lifestyle-related and financial rewards, with ideas such as a mobile phone allowance, the ability to work from home or bring your dog to work, and a beer fridge topping the list.  

Happy days! 

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