Contracting in ecommerce: what do ecommerce contractors have to say in 2019?

Jul 3, 2019 11:39:31 AM

Contract jobs and opportunities are becoming more prevalent in the ecommerce industry, as companies push for bigger and better campaigns to outshine their competitors. Contracting and freelance professionals really benefit from this, as specialists are well sought after for one off projects!

After focusing more on contract recruitment at cranberry towers, we thought we would include some new questions in our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report. These were exclusive to our contract respondents, so let’s see what they shared in the questionnaire!

Ecommerce contract day rates

The first set of insights we will look at is day rates for ecommerce contractors. Depending where they are in the career journey, contract professionals will see their day rates vary. Let’s see what our contract respondents told us…

Ecommerce contracting day rates

For those who selected ‘other’, answers include…

  • £250 - £350
  • £500
  • £850 - £1,200
  • £1,100 - £1,250

What is the ideal ecommerce contract length?

When it comes to the time frame of an ecommerce contract, once again it does vary. Some projects are much bigger, there are maternity covers and some contractors work a week or two to cover something within the company.

But, what do ecommerce contractors see as the ideal length for them? Do they prefer contracts that have the possibility of extending or do they want a quick experience before they move on to the next challenge? 33% of our contract respondents told us they would ideally want a 3 months contract, which was the most popular choice.

Following closely behind, 31% would want a contract lasting 12 months while 7% would want a short stint of 1 month. A small 2% were happy with a week contract, while 27% stated ‘other’. Of these respondents, many of them believed a 6 months contract was just right for them and a few would want a contract longer than 12 months. Others simply said they were quite flexible when it comes to the length of the contract and is more dependent on the project or the challenge!

The ecommerce contract hiring process

The world of ecommerce contracting is extremely fast paced. One minute, you could be finishing up on a project and the next you’ve been hired for a new contract! Because of this, it’s important to get the most out of the hiring process even if it is quicker.

The last thing a contractor would want is to rush into a new opportunity, only to find it’s not quite right for them. So, we asked contractors themselves what they would want to hiring process to look like…

  • Phone call only: 19%
  • Phone call & one meeting: 66%
  • Two meetings: 9%
  • Other: 6% (answers include: whatever suits the client, a skype call or entirely dependent on the brief)

It’s clear from this that ecommerce contractors are open to a quick introductory phone call, before meeting the hiring manager/team to find out more about what’s in store!

More ecommerce contract insights to follow!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first look into contracting in ecommerce! We have plenty more insights to share from these respondents, including work-life balance, company benefits, culture and much more. In the meantime, you can download the full salary survey report below!

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