Five Panda Pointers: How to improve your ecommerce hiring process

Nov 20, 2018 11:44:59 AM

Looking for ecommerce hiring tips? You’ve come to the right place! It could be that your hiring process is doing just fine, but we thought we would share five quick tips for really supercharging it and getting the most out of your potential employees.

Five tips? Must be time for another ‘Panda Pointers’ blog post! There are plenty of small changes you can make to your approach that will really make a difference…why not try them out and see?

1) Plan everything before the job ad goes live

Before you even think about putting the job ad together and getting it live, it’s imperative to sit down and really map this role out.

Who will be involved in the onboarding of this employee? Everyone needs to be involved so that all the important aspects are signed off to avoid any surprises further down the line. Think about budget for salary, role responsibilities, company benefits, bonus & job title.

Having collected all this information will mean the job ad will attract the right people. Furthermore, having everything signed off means you are less likely to encounter any big changes later in the hiring process. You don’t want to deter the perfect candidate when the finish line is in sight!

2) Save time like a pro!

It might seem during the interview stages that there is simply too much to do. This may be the case, but you don’t have to stress out by taking this all on by yourself.

Once a hiring process timeline is in place, you will know when the busiest periods will be. This is the perfect time to delegate certain tasks in advance, so that everyone knows where they will stand. All you have to determine is what can be handed over while you focus your attention on securing the best ecommerce talent!

As for the hiring timeline – aim to be quite strict on yourself and stick to each stage as well as you possibly can. We understand there needs to be flexibility in the busy world of ecommerce but do try to stick to these deadlines.

3) Researching recruitment agencies

Not everybody chooses to use recruitment agencies for every hire – as we said at the start, it could be your ecommerce hiring process is just fine. However, there are times where a certain hire proves difficult.

It could be a that this new hire is the first of a new department or there are technical skills you are not confident in qualifying. It’s time to research specialist recruitment agencies who excel in niche areas…like a certain agency who are the best at ecommerce recruitment, for example. (Shameless plug ends here!)

Having these relationships is a great way to establish a helping hand when a hiring struggle comes from nowhere!

4) Allow the candidates to shine

It’s great to ask about how the candidates will take on the core responsibilities of the role – after all, you need someone who is capable!

However, we really encourage that hiring managers try to get the best from their candidates. The best way to do this is to get them excited about the role so you can see their passion shine through. Talk about development at the company, encourage discussions about big challenges they have tackled and maybe set them a task too.

You want them to do the talking and allow them to show what they can do. It also lets their personality to come to the fore, which is important for determining culture fit. Speaking of company culture…

5) Let the company culture shine through

A lot of questions we are asked by candidates at cranberry panda involve the company culture, personality and the team. It’s great that people are asking this, so it’s important for you to answer it throughout the process.

Yes, you want to ensure you’re picking the right candidate and you probably need someone to join soon. This doesn’t mean you have to be super serious – chat with the candidate and let them get to know you. More often than not, company culture plays a huge part in a candidate’s decision, so let them meet the team, see the office and envision themselves working there.

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