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Posted: 2nd of May 2017 by Chris Cox

cranberry panda turns 7

Panda News

Cranberry panda is dedicated to being the ecommerce recruitment agency that understands you; whether you are looking for a new ecommerce job or a superstar ecommerce professional to join your team.

So, as we really appreciate all the ecommerce superstars we work with, we wanted to let you in on a secret…today is cranberry panda’s 7th birthday! I know what you’re thinking…we don’t look a day over 5!

What’s new at cranberry panda?

There have been some huge and exciting changes over the past year. The team is growing, which means our ecommerce specialisms are growing with it. The breadth of our experience widens as ecommerce evolves – it’s an ever-changing landscape so we like to keep up.

As mentioned, we have new team members with even more room for new pandas in 2017. You can meet all the pandas on our panda profile page, and if a career in ecommerce recruitment appeals to you, we want to meet you!

Cranberry towers has also had a revamp…in fact, it’s had a total makeover. To mark the 7th year of cranberry panda, and the growing team, we have moved into a shiny new office. There couldn’t be a better way to mark such an exciting time of growth and we already love our new home. Find our updated address on our contact page!

What’s next?

With these exciting changes, we are confident the next year (and beyond) is going to be truly pandabulous!

#PandaPounds 2017

To go with our new office, we also have a brand new ecommerce salary review. It has officially launched, so get your paws on the 2017 ecommerce Salary Survey now! #PandaPounds 2017 is going to be bigger and better, so keep your eyes open for exclusive insights in the months to come!

Creating happiness, one job at a time

Our purpose is one thing that is staying put! We will continue to find ecommerce professionals the perfect job and find our clients the perfect team members. Our panda values, which each panda lives by in everything they do, are certainly going to help us continue to do this. 

So here is to the next 7 years of cranberry panda…we can’t wait to continue this exciting journey with you all!


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