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Posted: 4th of May 2018 by Chris Cox

cranberry panda turns 8!

Panda News

8 years of ecommerce recruitment means 8 years of creating happiness, one job at a time! That’s right…us pandas are celebrating our 8th birthday this week!

We love what we do…whether you’re looking for a new ecommerce job or hiring an ecommerce team member, we believe we are the only recruitment agency that understands your ecommerce needs.

Now that all of the donuts are gone, we thought we’d give you a little update about where we are now and exciting things coming up!

What’s new at cranberry towers?

At cranberry towers, our ecommerce specialisms go from strength to strength!

One of the most exciting developments is the introduction of our ecommerce contracts division! While we did work on some contract ecommerce jobs in the past, the demand for contractors within ecommerce has grown massively. So how could we create even more happiness? Offering our candidates and clients a service dedicated to contract opportunities in ecommerce, of course!

The team has grown over the last year, but we’re always looking for new pandas to join the team. If you’re thinking about a career in ecommerce recruitment, we want to speak to you!

What’s next for the pandas?

It’s crazy how fast 2018 has gone so far…but we pandas love our fast-paced world. What’s coming up in 2018 for us?

#PandaPounds 2018 has officially launched! We will be releasing exclusive industry insights at least twice a month and these can’t be found in the full report! You can download the 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report now!

We will continue to offer the most exciting permanent and contract roles in the industry, working with our fantastic clients – who range from high growth start ups to international multichannel retailers.

The future’s bright, the future’s cranberry!

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