Digital Design Recruitment: Insights from Digital creative employees

Jul 30, 2021 11:00:38 AM

Digital Design recruitment has been on of the key specialisms at cranberry panda for many years. We simply love working with the creative minds of the Ecommerce world, who can always adapt and put a creative spin on everything they do.

Our 2021 eCommerce salary survey & insights report means we get to hear from the people within the industry and that includes design & creative employees. For this blog, we will be taking respondent data from this specialism only. Are they happy with their work-life balance? What challenges do they face?

As always, these insights are a fantastic tool to help you hire digital design talent within eCommerce.

Work-life balance for digital design employees

Are digital designers happy with their current balance between work and play? The pandemic has meant many people turned to eCommerce in large numbers. In turn, designers had to ensure the website design, functionality and experience was accommodating these customers. Has it taken its toll? 

50% of digital designers are happy with their work-life balance while 50% are not. A complete split - this should be noted as significant. Further to this, a huge 83% of digital design respondents believe management can do more to encourage work-life balance. 

It seems that digital design and creative respondents expect more focus on work-life balance from management - with 50% of respondents not happy with work-life balance, it's a discussion that needs to be had!

Digital Designers: Happiness in current role

We asked our respondents to rate their current happiness in their role out of ten. Looking at the digital design respondents, the average is 6.4/10. While it would be good to see this higher, it's important to take into account how many changes have happened in the last 18 months. From working at home to job changes, there are so many factors in play.

Overtime and digital design

Are digital designers doing more than their contracted weekly hours? It's important to see how much overtime is being done, as it often correlates with the sentiments of happiness and work-life balance seen above.

  • None: 20%
  • A few minutes here and there: 5%
  • Half an hour: 8%
  • An hour: 17%
  • Between 2-3 hours: 17%
  • Between 3-5 hours: 17%
  • More than 5 hours: 16%

As we can see, the majority of digital design respondents do more than 1 hour of overtime a week. The percentages are evenly spread out too. Once again, the pandemic has led to many people working more hours, especially with commutes out the window!

Do you have digital design recruitment plans?

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