Digital Marketing Recruitment: Employee insights in 2022

Jul 28, 2022 11:16:20 AM

Digital Marketing recruitment continues to be a huge part of the recruitment services here at Cranberry Panda. Our specialist consultants speak to talented marketing professionals every day, so are always aware of what professionals want from their careers.

Our 2022 eCommerce salary survey and insights report also allowed digital marketing professionals to share their current sentiments. We're going to reveal exactly what they had to say to help you when it comes to hiring digital marketing talent.

Are digital marketers happy in their role? Are they doing too much? Let's find out...

Note: For this employee review, we will be taking questionnaire data from our digital marketing respondents only. 

Digital Marketing professionals - happiness in current role

Respondents were asked to rate their happiness in their current role out of ten. Looking at our marketing respondents, the average score was 6.8/10. Could this number be higher? It seems digital marketers are on the right track, but workplace happiness should always be an ever-improving focus for any business. Our recent blog about workplace happiness in eCommerce has more insights that could offer some ideas about improving workplace sentiments.

Work-life balance for digital marketing employees

Across all of our respondents and specialisms, our report showed that 69% of respondents are happy with their work-life balance. When we take the digital marketing segment, we can see that only 59% are happy with the balance between work and personal life. This is quite a decrease from the overall statistic. Looking further, 79% believed their management team could do more to encourage a better balance.

Overtime for digital marketing professionals 

Could overtime play a part in happiness and work-life balance sentiment scores being so average? 

  • None: 17% (14% in 2021)
  • A few minutes here and there: 8% (14% in 2021)
  • Half an hour: 8% (8% in 2021)
  • An hour: 14% (8% in 2021)
  • Between 2-3 hours: 21% (24% in 2021)
  • Between 3-5 hours: 14% (11% in 2021)
  • More than 5 hours: 18% (22% in 2021)

Overall, there is still a higher majority doing 2 hours or more of overtime. 

Did you know that we have recently reviewed the latest salary benchmarks for digital marketing job titles? Make sure you check them out!

Do you have digital marketing recruitment plans?

We hope our insights have given you valuable insights when it comes to digital marketing professionals! You can download a full copy of our 2022 report below!

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