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Digital Marketing recruitment: what’s new in the ecommerce industry?

Nov 27, 2019 2:34:31 PM

One of our main ecommerce specialisms here at cranberry panda is all about digital marketing recruitment!

It’s safe to say the digital marketing team play an important part in any online retail business or multichannel retailer; eye catching campaigns, keeping up with trends and ensuring customers keep coming back is just the tip of the iceberg.

We thought we’d do a special focus for digital marketers to catch up on what’s going on in ecommerce when it comes to digital marketing jobs. What are the latest salaries on offer and are you getting the renumeration you deserve? What roles are in high demand? What do you need to do to stand out if you’re looking for that next opportunity? Fear not…we’ve got you covered!

Salary insights for digital marketers in ecommerce

When it comes to digital marketing recruitment, the industry is extremely competitive – as such, salaries on offer must reflect this. Having done plenty of research on ecommerce salaries throughout the years, with the help of our ecommerce salary survey & insights report, we have some insights to share!

First of all, let’s take a look at the average digital marketing salaries within the industry as a whole…

  • 2017: £45,701
  • 2018: £49,596
  • 2019: £50,300

It’s great to see a steady increase and it means digital marketers know their worth in the industry. We broke it down a bit more, this time by seniority, to get a deeper look into what these professionals earn (and what they might expect for future roles!)

  • Junior [Assistant – Senior Executive] Average salary of £30,500
  • Mid-level [Junior Manager – Senior Manager] Average salary of £47,650
  • Senior [Head of – Director] Average salary of £80,500

Whatever stage someone is at in their career, it’s important to make them feel they’re being rewarded for hard work – staff retention is a huge focus in ecommerce, and salary should always be at the forefront of conversations with employees. If you don’t think these conversations are happening, then it’s up to you to make them happen.

Tips for digital marketing professionals to stand out

Are you currently on the hunt for a new digital marketing job? As mentioned, the industry is at a hyper competitive stage, with companies and digital marketing recruitment agencies really focusing on screening candidates for their suitability. Here are the latest tips we feel will help you stand out…

Attention to detail

Sounds obvious, right? However, working within digital recruitment for ecommerce companies, you’d be surprised how many fundamental details are overlooked in a hiring process. What do you need? A perfect CV that captures you, your experience and why you are right for this role – make sure all of this information is included. Make sure your tone of voice speaks to the people viewing your CV and the company, and if that means adjusting your CV for every application, then so be it.

How will you make a positive impact in uncertain times?

It’s safe to say 2019 has been a turbulent year for retail, with many business closures throughout the year. With these events causing shockwaves throughout the industry (both online and offline), companies will be making sure they’re hiring the perfect fit more than ever before. How will you bring a positive, and skilled, impact to a role? Not only should you talk about your ideas and previous success, but how this will make a significant difference for the team and the company.

Your digital marketing experience and ambition defines you

We are seeing less demand for people with particular degrees in their field, and it’s all about what you have achieved on the front line (so to speak!)

However, it’s not just about what you have already achieved…it’s also about the experience you want to gain and where you want your career to go. This will tell employers the potential you can bring, by showing how you want to shape the role. So, if you eventually want to go down a more specialist route within performance marketing or CRM, speak passionately about these areas too. Your ambition and experience really do define you!

Tech, trends & taking on competitors

Talk about everything you know about current tech, trends and what your competitors are up to. The more we recruit for digital marketing roles, the more changes we see happening in the industry…if you’re not up to date with this, then it’s time to start reading!

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on AI, influencer marketing, the rise and fall of certain social channels, personalisation…we could be here all day if we list them all. Even if they aren’t relevant topics to a role you’re applying for, it’s a great way to steer conversation in your favour when you’re clued up on these trends.

A specialist demand within Digital Marketing Recruitment

We work on broad digital marketing roles within ecommerce, that focus on planning, strategy and execution across all digital channels. However, we also work on performance, PPC, paid social and Email/CRM.

The demand for these roles is growing rapidly, as striking the perfect balance between customer acquisition and retention becomes the holy grail of ecommerce. From a recruitment perspective, we’ve worked with quite a few companies who are introducing their first CRM employees to the business.

There has also been a huge push in CRM technology, so companies are really beginning to see the value in having more established CRM teams. That means they are competing to secure the best talent, and they’re doing it fast. Are you a CRM professional? Remember, bring all the evidence and passion with you when it comes to interviewing for a role and you’ll secure that dream role in no time.

What will happen with digital marketing in 2020?

Big changes, no doubt! We will be sure to keep on top of all the developments, so that we can share them with you and help your digital marketing recruitment process! For a look at all digital marketing news, head on over to the marketing specific blog page below!

Visit our digital marketing blog page!

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