Get to know our pandas: What’s your ecommerce specialism?

Sep 22, 2015 3:47:43 PM

Fast paced, and ever changing, ecommerce is a varied world. That’s why we pandas love it so much! We consistently adapt to the moving landscape of our industry, full of passion to embrace the changes in a positive way!

As you know, there are many job opportunities in Ecommerce, with avenues and specialisations aplenty. Our consultants have their own strengths with which they place great people in great roles. In fact, some of the pandas worked in the ecommerce specialisations they now recruit for here at cranberry towers. So, they know how to apply their skillsets in understanding what you are looking for. We thought we’d let you know a more about what they do, and welcome you to reach out for their expert guidance.

Our Ecommerce Specialisms: Meet the Consultants

Each consultant at cranberry panda works within an Ecommerce specialism. Meet our pandas and find out who you can work with...


Yasmin is our Director of Ecommerce Recruitment, ensuring all your ecommerce recruitment needs are met. She is also one of our creative pandas, specialising in senior Digital Design and Online Content roles. Why not connect with Yasmin on LinkedIn, if a creative ecommerce role calls to you? You can also read some great portfolio advice from Yasmin here


Mary looks after senior ecommerce opportunities within ecommerce management, online trading and merchandising. Mary was the Product Manager with OpenTable prior to joining cranberry panda, so she knows her stuff when it comes to ecommerce. Connect with Mary today and have a chat!


With years of Digital Marketing recruitment under his belt, James now works on our Senior Digital Marketing roles, and Email Marketing, CRM & Performance Marketing roles too...busy panda indeed! Are you looking to make that big step into management and beyond? Don't delay and connect with James today!


Looking for a senior Digital Marketing role? Laura is the panda for you! Specialising in senior marketing jobs above £45,000, you can count on Laura to find you your next exciting digital marketing role! Get in touch with Laura and connect with her now


Jade looks after Digital Marketing and Ecommerce roles at junior to mid-level. She also works on exciting digital roles within performance marketing. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and Jade is the person to help you find them! Get in touch and connect with Jade now


Marvin is the go to panda for all things UX Design. Having focussed on this specialism before joining cranberry panda, he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to working on exciting UX roles! If you're looking for a new opportunity, or a new UX superstar for your team, reach out to Marvin now!


Rosy is part of our creative team, working on digital design roles up to £40,000. Rosy has plenty of experience working within recruitment, especially when it comes to digital and creative roles. If you're looking for that next opportunity, or a digital designer for your team, connect with Rosy today! 

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Don’t hesitate to connect with the panda you feel could be the right person to assist you with ANY query, whether you are looking for a role or a new ecommerce superstar to join your team. Connect with ALL the pandas if you want! Start your panda adventure today...

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