Digital Marketing Recruitment: winning talent in 2023

Jan 26, 2023 10:29:01 AM

The world of digital marketing recruitment within eCommerce is set for a busy year! As brands fight to attract new customers and continuously please existing ones, they will be looking for the very best talent to help them succeed.

So, what do you need to think about for your digital marketing recruitment strategy? What trends will make the hiring landscape change in 2023? So many questions...and we have the answers! 

The rise of skill-based hiring

Are degrees essential for digital marketing roles? Previously, most job advertisements would specify a degree qualification. However, in the race for digital talent, the emphasis must turn towards a skills-first approach. 

If you push the idea of needing a degree or a certain number of years of experience, you will be overlooking some pretty talented marketers. So, look within your digital marketing team and let their voices be heard. What skills do they feel need more representation on the team? 

It's about relaxing, not lowering, your standards. Prioritise the skills needed, not the background of the individual. Doing so will help you win over great talent. It also demonstrates a positive approach to diversity and inclusion, which is such an important topic right now. Speaking of...

An emphasis on diversity & inclusion

As we mentioned, this is an important and ongoing discussion. We can definitely see a further push toward hiring a diverse workforce, though there is still room for growth. However, no one wants to join a team just to be a diversity hire. So, you need to make this an organic process.

This could involve removing potential bias sources in the recruiting process or finding ways to integrate domestic and international teams. Basically, you must show how the business has removed the barriers that underrepresented groups have faced, allowing them to secure a position on their own merit. Within digital marketing, the range of talent is so diverse - it's time to let them feel heard!

International talent

With remote working continuing globally, why limit your digital marketing talent pool to one location? Expanding your digital marketing recruitment strategy will give you access to niche skills, multi-lingual marketers, and improve the aforementioned diversity profile of the business. With specific skills becoming harder to find, it makes sense to consider remote talent as part of your recruitment growth.

What growing roles are you missing in your digital marketing team?

LinkedIn recently published a report on the fastest-growing jobs worldwide. The ‘Jobs on the Rise’ report compiles data from 28 countries, in order to see which roles have seen the most growth over the last 5 years.

In the UK, the findings are quite interesting! At number 1, is 'Customer Success Consultant' - with a focus on customer relationships and improving business processes, these are significant players in the eCommerce arena. With CRM in eCommerce being so important, has your digital marketing team got a specialist in this area?

At number 7, we have 'Growth Marketing Manager'. At Cranberry Panda, we have worked on performance marketing jobs for many years, so we understand the importance of this role. Driving revenue and growth, activating new and existing customers, and adapting their strategy based on customer response is a key part of their work. Now is the perfect time to target this area of digital marketing and grow your talent pool. In Germany, where eCommerce recruitment continues to grow, this position sits at number 2! 

Helping your digital marketing recruitment in 2023

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