Digital Recruitment Agencies: helping you in the age of online growth

May 7, 2021 2:19:53 PM

As a digital recruitment agency, the cranberry panda team have seen first hand how important digital hires have been in the past year.

The world has a huge reliance on ecommerce right now and it is set to continue. A recent study by Internet Retailing suggests that the UK is a leader in the 2020 ecommerce boom. Furthermore, there is still some apprehension from customers to return to the stores. So, ecommerce continues to cement itself as a lifeline of lockdown.

Even when complete normality is restored, which is looking increasingly likely to happen soon, online retail will see these new customers remain. The next steps will be bringing the experience of the store to the living room, the bedroom or the bus...wherever you like to browse the shops online!

What will be important for this continued growth? Hiring the right digital talent of course! Digital recruitment agencies have kept candidates connected to opportunities throughout the pandemic, adapting to new approaches to the recruitment process. Now is the time where exceptional online growth can occur - have you got the team members to help you with this?

Online growth will continue - how can digital recruitment agencies help?

Digital recruitment agencies, particularly specialists in ecommerce like ourselves, are not here to simply place a candidate into your organisation. It's about understanding your current team structure, identifying gaps and helping you get the most from your employees after they've been placed.

Our 2021 ecommerce salary survey & insights report is just one example of the insights we have from the digital recruitment space. Furthermore, we saw early on in the pandemic how digital projects were put at risk because of lack of resources...but this panic can be easily resolved. There has been a huge rise in ecommerce contract professionals - a great pool of talent who are ready to jump into a range of projects.

A recent example is Marks & Spencer, who have begun a tech and digital recruitment drive for over 80 specialists in the space. 

Digital recruitment is providing opportunities for candidates and businesses 

Despite the online retail world mostly thriving throughout the pandemic, our recent salary survey questionnaire revealed that 21% of respondents were either furloughed or made redundant.

With digital recruitment agencies being active throughout this time, the outlook remained positive. This drive in recruitment, as mentioned, will not slow down. Top talent will be looking for companies who have innovation in mind for the year ahead...we can make those introductions.

In fact, 72% of our salary survey respondents stated they would use a digital recruitment agency for their next job search or hiring process! 

The digital recruitment agency for you!

We are here to help with all digital recruitment needs. Our team continues to grow across multiple ecommerce job specialisms, regions, contract recruitment and executive search. Click below to get the conversation started!

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