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Digital Recruitment Insights: 2021 ecommerce salary survey approaches!

Jan 6, 2021 1:54:59 PM

Our annual ecommerce salary survey is back! 2020 was certainly very different for the whole world, so we've made sure to change our 2021 questionnaire to reflect this. As always, the report is presented from an ecommerce & digital recruitment perspective to give the people in the industry a voice.

At the moment, the questionnaire is open and collecting responses for our final report! We wanted to share what to expect from the 2021 report and give you the chance to reserve a digital copy!

The impact of Covid-19 on the ecommerce industry

Of course, this is a new topic found in our 2021 questionnaire. The national lockdowns we have experienced certainly took a toll on in-store transactions and many people were too vulnerable to head outside for the essentials.

So, consumers turned to ecommerce and there was a huge ecommerce boom in the UK. This is expected to continue, with many businesses tailoring their ecommerce strategies to this new approach to retail. 

How will this effect ecommerce teams this year? We wanted to find out if ecommerce professionals felt their business was prepared and that they were supported in these tougher times. We are also asking respondents if their role was affected at all in the crisis, to paint a bigger picture of how the pandemic has left a mark on ecommerce. It should make for some interesting insights and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Helping you hire digital talent in the competitive ecommerce space 

Our ecommerce salary survey & insights report has been a key tool for ecommerce hiring strategies. It has been downloaded by thousands of people in different brands over the years. We've always enjoyed talking through the key points with our clients!

Many of the questions we ask allow hiring managers to get an idea of what people expect, not only while looking for a job but also when working in a business.

  • Ecommerce hiring expectations: how long, from application to job offer, do professionals expect the hiring process to take? It helps you make sure your process isn't too drawn out...or too quick!
  • Essentials in an ecommerce job: we ask respondents what draws them to a role or keeps them in one. Salary, benefits, culture and feeling valued are just a few of the options we offer. This is particularly great for staff retention strategies. 
  • Ecommerce salaries: our annual salary benchmarking helps both candidates and employers alike. With salary such an important essential, are you offering a competitive package to attract top talent?

Helping your ecommerce job search

Our candidates are also huge fans of our annual report. It really gives them in depth analysis of the industry and where they sit within it. It's sometimes hard to position yourself in the world of work, be it standing out as a candidate or asking for a pay rise in your job!

  • Salary benchmarking: As mentioned, these are so useful each year. Being paid fairly for your responsibilities is important and our benchmarks give salary ranges for many job titles in the industry.
  • Company benefits: Do you want a company that treats its staff well? Of course you do! Our respondents share all of the benefits they receive in their current role...you'd be surprised how many people realise how little they get!
  • Work-life balance: This is a subject we really dive into. Sometimes, we might not realise that we're overworking ourselves. Seeing how many hours fellow ecommerce professionals do weekly, including overtime, can be a real eye opener for some people.

Reserve your 2021 ecommerce salary survey & insights report!

Do you want to receive a free digital copy of our report on the day of release? All you have to do is click below and fill out the quick form. We will email you a copy as soon as we release the report...happy days!

Visit the 2021 salary survey page to request your free report in advance!

Request the 2021 report in advance

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