Digital Recruitment Insights: Hiring Ecommerce Contractors

Oct 27, 2020 12:03:24 PM

The digital recruitment world is competitive and fast-paced...especially when it comes to contract recruitment. We recently highlighted the benefits of hiring ecommerce contractors to help with your Q4 success.

So, if you're hiring contractors now we thought we would share some insights to help your hiring strategy. Using our 2020 ecommerce salary survey & insights report, these exclusive trends in contract recruitment should give you the edge when attracting top contract and freelance talent.

The ideal ecommerce contract length

Ecommerce Contract Insights Our first question to ecommerce contract talent was all about the length of time they would ideally spend on a contract.

Different contract lengths are helpful to people for many reasons. Some contractors enjoy more freedom in their projects, so choose short term challenges. Others might prefer 12 months plus, so there is some stability in the role. 

When it comes to our questionnaire, the majority of respondents specified they preferred a contract of 6 months, closely followed by 3 months. So, when your planning your contract hires keep this in mind. What do you need this person to prioritise when they join the team and how long will it take them? 

The ecommerce contract recruitment process

Everyone in the industry would like a streamlined ecommerce hiring process...though contract professionals might expect a quicker turnaround when it comes to securing a new contract. Here’s what they would expect from the process...

  • Phone call only: 13%
  • Phone call and one meeting: 72%
  • Two meetings: 13%
  • Other: 2%

The clear winner here is a process with an introductory phone call, followed by a face to face meeting. It isn't too uncommon for contractors to get started after a phone call, but it seems the best process allows them a chance to meet management and maybe some of the team too! 

When asked how long this process should take, 52% of contract respondents said less than four weeks. 29% said they believed the contract hiring process should take four weeks exactly.

Ecommerce contract day rates

Ecommerce Contract Salaries

Our final insight is all about contractor day rates. What makes this area of digital recruitment so competitive is that contractors can be quite particular when it comes to the salary they charge. As we can see above, a day rate of £200 - £300 remains the most common day rate. When planning your ecommerce contract hires, this information goes hand in hand with all of the insights featured here. 

Helping you hire digital contract talent

We hope these digital recruitment insights from the contracting world give you some food for thought. We have plenty more insights to share, so do get in touch below if you would like to discuss your contract recruitment needs.

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