Ecommerce Contract Recruitment: digital talent for Q4 success!

Oct 8, 2020 1:35:54 PM

With Q4 of 2020 already upon us, the cranberry panda team are seeing huge demand within the ecommerce and digital contract recruitment market!

It's the 'Golden Quarter' of ecommerce...with Black Friday, Christmas and then the early January sales, ecommerce teams really do put their all into the festive season. 2020 has been a very different year, though a bigger shift towards online retail occurred with lockdown. This will certainly continue for the remaining months of the year and the pressure to deliver will be felt across the industry.

Are ecommerce senior leadership teams equipped for the rush ahead? Every year, we find that contract and freelance ecommerce talent are ready to thrive during this period. Do you have a gap in your team that could be easily and effectively filled by a contractor? 

To give you an idea, just under 50% of candidate enquiries we received in September 2020 were from ecommerce and digital contract professionals looking for their Q4 challenge! This talent will be snapped up quickly, especially in the current climate of Covid-19. More talent have turned to interim recruitment, whether they unfortunately lost their role or because they are more comfortable with shorter term projects in the festive season.

How can ecommerce & digital contractors benefit your team?

At cranberry panda, our ecommerce contract recruitment offering can help you find that amazing talent to quickly fill gaps for the busy season ahead. There are so many benefits to this, so we thought we would share a few...

Quick recruitment wins

As mentioned, contractors give you the opportunity to quickly fill gaps in the team. We don't necessarily believe that recruitment slows down in Q4 - hiring must go on. However, we do acknowledge that because it's the peak ecommerce season, processes might not run as efficiently. There are so many contractors looking for their next project, so tapping into this market is a sure fire way to find the skillsets you need for festive campaigns!

If you're apprehensive about rushing the process and putting candidates off, don't panic! Our 2020 ecommerce salary survey & insights report revealed that 72% of contract talent expect a phone call and one meeting in a contract hiring process. They are accustomed to a quicker process, so be confident that you can get all the information you need to make a decision in a shorter time frame.

Contractors are accustomed to different working environments

2020 saw entire workforces leave the office and begin to work from home. Many freelance and contract professionals were used to this already, long before the pandemic crisis. If you're worried a contract employee won't be able to settle should they not be able to attend the office, they are more than cut out to handle it! We're sure meetings, briefings and other communications within your team took an online direction this year...there's no need for that to change for remote workers.

Support your current team

Individuals in your team have no doubt struggled with the drastic changes this year has brought. Now, with an even busier season ahead, this is your chance to give them the extra support they need. What channels in the ecommerce team could use some backup? Will there be some annual leave to cover? Plan ahead now...your employees deserve to end this year on a high! 

The time for hiring ecommerce & digital contract talent is now!

According to our salary survey, 33% of contractors prefer a contract of 1 - 3 months. We're sure that number would be much higher were we to ask the question today. Get in touch with the team below to discuss your urgent hires for the Q4 peak season! 

Explore our ecommerce & digital contract recruitment offering...

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