Digital Recruitment Strategy - should it be different post Covid-19?

Feb 24, 2021 3:05:25 PM

When it comes to digital recruitment, you might think your tried and tested strategy to attract digital talent is here to stay.

However, could it be that the events of 2020 and 2021 (so far) have changed the recruitment landscape? With the recent UK government announcement signalling a potential end of lockdown in June 2021, it doesn't mean everything will return to how it was.

In fact, we would say that the years ahead will be very different for the recruitment, we thought we would discuss this topic!

Candidate expectations within digital recruitment

If you have been hiring within ecommerce and digital teams for many years, you might think you know exactly what candidates want and expect. Have we thought about how this is going to change?

Already, we are seeing a huge number of people expecting a shift towards home working post-pandemic. From this, companies will have to invest in more agile, tech-driven ways of working from home. Candidates will expect to see this, so it really is something to think about right now.

Wellbeing and workplace happiness has been a big topic during lockdown. It has been a tricky river to cross for some managers, as not being able to physically see their employees has meant overlooking potential struggles they might have. Adapting to a new normality will be tough, so candidates will be looking for a solid and celebrated approach to employee wellness. If this is not yet part of a company mission statement or employee policy, it's time to include it.

Future talent - are you too fixed on what the ideal candidate looks like?

Following many redundancies and furloughed staff, many people had the time to reflect on their career. Whether it was out of necessity or because they had a chance to explore new avenues, many people chose to change careers entirely.

The restrictions did not just affect those in the world of work. Universities cancelled exams, leaving students quite behind where they expected to be in terms of learning their skills. Many students chose not to attend university altogether. This means, future talent might not have the skills or degrees you would normally look for. Does this mean they are not the right fit?

Of course not. It's time to nurture talent within the organisation - your recruitment strategy and employee onboarding should absolutely include training in all areas. Offering external training will also help attract talent who are flying under the radar.

Utilising ecommerce contractors

A digital skills gap is inevitable, but it doesn't mean these skills are gone forever. At the moment, how often do you hire contract professionals? Within ecommerce contract recruitment, there is a huge network of professionals who can offer additional support and skills in the areas you need. Moving forward, it could become more common for job adverts to be aimed at both contract and permanent staff. Should the right contractor come along, it will only work to benefit a company in the long run. 

What are your 2021 digital hiring plans?

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