eCommerce Contract Recruitment: Benefits of summer contractors

Jul 3, 2024 8:04:18 AM

As the summer season begins, eCommerce businesses often experience shifts in demand, both in terms of consumer behaviour and operational needs. For eCommerce companies, this period presents unique opportunities to optimise performance and prepare for the upcoming holiday rush.

One resource that can significantly enhance an eCommerce team during this time is hiring contract talent. There are always benefits in considering eCommerce contract recruitment, though the summer period is often overlooked. Here's why now is the perfect time to bring extra support on board.

Seasonal demand - what areas need a summer boost?

Let's use a fashion company as an example here. It's unlikely customers will be browsing the hats and scarves right now. So, specific summer categories will need extra attention, with seamless merchandising and targeted promotions. Having contract talent on board to help boost the popular products of the season is a no-brainer! 

It's the same principle for any type of eCommerce business. Whether you need extra hands for customer service, order fulfilment, or marketing campaigns, contract workers can help manage these seasonal peaks efficiently.

It's a popular time for employee holidays

Late June, July and August are all popular times for professionals to take well-earned annual leave. With the school holidays, working parents in particular will need those extra days to manage childcare.  It's essential to support work-life balance and allow your team to recharge, even if these absences can lead to staffing challenges.

The practical solution? eCommerce contractors of course! Keep key projects going, support staff who have not taken annual leave in this period and make sure the customers are happy. All it takes is identifying the areas of the business where this extra support is needed.

Customer demand is higher

Summer is a prime time for travel, vacations, and leisure activities, leading to an increase in online shopping. Ensuring a seamless and enjoyable customer experience during this period is crucial. 

There may also be increased returns, with customers wanting the perfect fit or the right summer products. Once again, ensuring the permanent team is not overwhelmed is crucial. Extra support will mean happy customers and a happy team.

Access extra skills without the need to train

Contract professionals often bring niche expertise and up-to-date knowledge, allowing you to leverage their skills for specific projects or initiatives. With this ready-to-use expertise, it saves you time training them. 

They can hit the ground running, contributing to your business goals from day one. This quick integration is particularly advantageous during the summer when time is of the essence to capitalise on seasonal opportunities.

Are eCommerce businesses utilising contractors in the right way?

We thought we would share some exclusive insights into the eCommerce contract recruitment market, using our 2024 eCommerce salary survey report. Surprisingly, 70% of employers and eCommerce leaders revealed they are not currently using contract talent. This is a great talent market, so it should not be underutilised. 

Those respondents who are using eCommerce contractors reported positive outcomes. The ease of an on-off resource and speed of project delivery helped them over important periods. With an easier time budgeting contract talent too, the benefits are clear to see. 

67% of respondents who use contract talent revealed they employ as many as 20 contractors for a project, engaging them for periods up to 12 months. Developing these relationships means that the right resource will always be available.

Make the most of eCommerce contractors this summer!

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