eCommerce Contract Recruitment - what do IR35 reforms mean for you?

Sep 28, 2022 9:57:34 AM

At Cranberry Panda, eCommerce contract recruitment is a huge part of our services. So, we thought it was important to keep up with the latest developments within IR35. 

If you are looking for eCommerce contract jobs or hiring eCommerce contractors, this is important to know!

IR35 reforms - what does it mean?

IR35 reforms first came into effect in April 2021, shifting the responsibility for determining a worker's employment status from the employee to the employer.

On Friday, 23 September 2022, the new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng outlined the government's plan to repeal the Off-payroll working reforms from April 2023. The revelation was certainly unexpected, with many industry experts expressing their surprise.

As always, big news like this began to trend on social media. However, many people claiming that 'IR35 is dead' were not quite accurate. It hasn't actually been repealed as of yet and nothing can be set in stone until the next Finance act. Furthermore, the chancellor's proposal is to abolish the 2017 and 2021 reforms, not IR35 as a whole.

However, the proposed repeal still means a lot within contract recruitment across multiple industries. Contractors will once again be responsible for their own tax liability. Employers can also use this to capitalise on flexible workforces. After all, there are many highly skilled people within eCommerce who would prefer to work on a contract basis.

With Q4 upon us, it is the perfect time for eCommerce contractors. We are sure many of them have welcomed this news and it will be interesting to see how things develop! 

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