Ecommerce job interviews: what tasks can you expect?

Aug 22, 2019 3:34:47 PM

Do you have an ecommerce job interview approaching? When you’re active in an ecommerce job search, getting the invite for an interview can be exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure! It’s even better when you sail through the initial conversation to prove yourself in later rounds.

It’s very common in the ecommerce industry to incorporate tasks into the final stages of an interview process. So, what tasks can you expect in an ecommerce job interview? Here at cranberry panda, we work on multiple ecommerce specialisms within the industry, so our panda experts have shared some tips on what you might encounter!

Please note: not all ecommerce interview processes will include tasks – you will find they are more frequent for mid-level to senior roles in the business.

Ecommerce Management, Online Trading & Online Merchandising

When it comes to an ecommerce website, these professionals are working tirelessly to keep it running like clockwork. How will you be able to prove yourself in an interview? Here’s what you might encounter…

  • Review the current ecommerce site of the company, and provide pros and cons
  • Suggestions on aspects of the website to change or improve, providing examples of what you would do and reasons why
  • A 3 month plans of what you would do should you successfully secure the role
  • Conduct competitor analysis and present your findings
  • A presentation on a general analysis of the company website and its functions

Digital Design

With plenty of projects to tackle throughout the retail year, digital designers will have to prove they can stand out from the crowd while showing flawless designs. How will this be tested in an interview?

  • Creating an email campaign, along with the design template and content
  • Design a banner ad for an upcoming campaign, or a seasonal campaign
  • Creating social posts, GIFs and showing use of multiple design tools
  • Present on current website design, making note of successes and suggesting UX improvements

Web & Data Analytics

Web & Data Analytics professionals have to keep their eye on the ball for all website and customer insights. A great way to prove yourself is to give examples of insights you have found and what suggestions you gave based on these. How else will you be able to prove yourself?

  • SWOT analysis of current site (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Conduct competitor analysis, and present information on what works and what doesn’t
  • Data manipulation task
  • A question, or multiple questions, will be provided alongside a piece of data – analyse the data and answer the question(s)
  • Communication task – demonstrating the ability to relay technical terms and suggestions to the stakeholders

Digital Marketing

Making a brand get noticed is what digital marketers are born to do! There can be a multitude of possible tasks for this specialism, so here are a few that might get thrown your way in the interview…

  • Create a campaign based on the brand or an upcoming product launch, and present your idea from conception to launch
  • Content is key – you might be asked to create multiple pieces of content to demonstrate ability, engagement and understanding of the tone of voice
  • If paid channels are involved, a competitor analysis of how they are using these and suggestions on how the company can push this forward
  • General competitor analysis of key companies, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses
  • Present past examples of seasonal campaigns you have worked on, how they performed and what you might do differently for the company

Best of luck in your next ecommerce job interview!

We hope these job interview tips will send you on your way to ecommerce greatness. Did you know we have a whole guide on the ecommerce job interview process? Not only are there extra interview task tips, but there are pages dedicated to helping you prepare for every possibility. Click the button below to download a free copy!

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