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Dec 30, 2020 3:33:31 PM

As an ecommerce & digital recruitment agency, cranberry panda was born from the need for an agency that truly gets ecommerce. As such, ecommerce jobs are at the core of our recruitment offering.

Of course, we work on specialisms across the ecommerce industry and our ecommerce recruitment specialism covers a lot more than just broad ecommerce management roles. So, to give you more insight into how we can help your recruitment process, we are shining a spotlight on our ecommerce specialism.

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Our ecommerce recruitment areas

As mentioned, we work on a range of roles within ecommerce. Here are the core roles we work on within this specialism.

Ecommerce Management

Broader ecommerce roles, like the ones listed below, encompass many areas of day to day ecommerce management. These roles allow people to climb the ladder to ecommerce director or specialise in a specific area. For the past ten years, we have placed hundreds of the following...

  • Ecommerce Assistant
  • Ecommerce Executive
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • Senior Ecommerce Manager
  • Head of Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce Director
  • CEO

We've enjoyed great success placing these roles throughout the years with tech start-ups, lifestyle, beauty brands, luxury and fashion brands. We pride ourselves on being the go to ecommerce recruitment agency for many top brands and helping them build their teams from scratch.

Ecommerce Merchandising & Online Trading 

Within our ecommerce recruitment specialism, online trading and merchandising plays a huge part in the many ways we help companies hire. Within an ecommerce business, these roles are crucial. An ecommerce website simply wouldn't function without these fantastic people. Once again, we've spent many years placing candidates into these roles, which include...

  • Ecommerce/Online Merchandising Assistant
  • Ecommerce/Online Merchandising Executive
  • Online Merchandising Manager
  • Head of Online Merchandising
  • Ecommerce Trading Assistant
  • Ecommerce Trading Executive
  • Online Trading Manager
  • Head of Online Trading 

We've worked with incredibly talented individuals over the years and we keep these relationships going. We're always finding new talent in this area and speaking to people in some of the biggest companies out there. If you're looking for that perfect trading or merchandising employee, we just might be able to make an introduction!

Your ecommerce recruitment needs

If you're hiring ecommerce professionals, we'd love to help! You can get in touch on the link below to start the conversation! With exciting roles already in the pipeline, we have many interested candidates who will want to hear about your ecommerce job vacancy!

Looking for ecommerce recruitment support? Get in touch with the team to discuss your hiring needs...

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