eCommerce Recruitment: 2023 talent attraction and retention trends

Jan 20, 2023 11:40:48 AM

What are the eCommerce recruitment trends for talent attraction and retention in 2023? It looks set to be another busy year for Cranberry Panda, so we wanted to make sure we shared the latest recruitment news. 

2022 was another year full of developments. From the cost of living crisis to the term 'quiet-quitting', there has been a lot for hiring managers to consider. So, with 2023 underway, what should you think about in order to secure the very best eCommerce talent? 

Personal branding - it starts with your leadership team

A recent report by Gartner showed that 60% of HR and recruitment leaders want to put focus on management effectiveness in 2023. The age-old saying isn't wrong...people don't leave a job, they leave a manager. It works both ways too - potential candidates will be really attracted to a strong showing from leadership and management throughout the hiring process.

It has been a difficult few years for leadership teams in eCommerce. Entire workforces have had to adapt to a new way of working. While some have returned to the office, there are other employees who prefer to work remotely. Showing leadership, empathy and support to a widespread team requires a lot of juggling. So, HR leaders want to focus on human leadership, where it's not just about hitting targets. Talking about your leadership team, be it on LinkedIn or job adverts, is a great way to show the people behind the senior job titles.

Relationships and the talent pipeline - it doesn't end when an employee joins the team

2022 felt a bit like a buzzword bingo. Quiet quitting, the great resignation...and that is just the tip of the iceberg. What this does tell us is the lack of relationship management within the eCommerce recruitment process can have a detrimental long-term effect.

With so much focus on hiring new employees, the existing team does not feel the love. If that's the case, the dissatisfaction with the culture will exude outwards and potential candidates will spot this a mile away. Deal with grievances and ensure their growth is your priority. Identifying gaps in the team and upskilling employees to fill these is going to be very important as talent acquisition gets tougher.

Recruitment now can be likened to a customer journey. You get the people on board and you keep them engaged forever more. In particular, there will be a real need to engage candidates who might not be quite right for the business when they first approach. They should not be forgotten as further down the line, they could be the ideal person. AI and automation tools are already helping recruitment teams achieve this – and more companies are joining the recruitment revolution.

International eCommerce talent - broaden your horizons

Remote working is truly a part of work now. So many candidates prefer it and many of them expect it. It's time to unleash the true potential of a remote workforce. 

Companies no longer have to limit their talent pools. Not only do you open the team up to niche skills and new market knowledge, but it also raises your diversity & inclusion profile. This alone is a huge topic for 2023. As candidates in your immediate geography are harder to find, it's time to look further afield. Having branched out to new markets ourselves, in particular Germany, we are seeing just how much talent there is on a global scale. 

Helping your eCommerce recruitment process in 2023!

If you have eCommerce recruitment projects, we want to hear from you! Head over to our employer hub and submit your enquiry. You can also keep an eye on our 2023 eCommerce salary survey, which will be providing exclusive insights into the world of eCommerce and recruitment. 

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