eCommerce Recruitment Insights: What challenges are teams facing?

Oct 22, 2021 2:02:52 PM

Working within eCommerce recruitment, we often hear of the challenges eCommerce teams have to tackle. It helps us understand a brand, how they work and hire eCommerce talent who will be a great fit to tackle these challenges.

What are the big challenges for 2022 in the eCommerce world? In our annual eCommerce salary survey questionnaire, we ask eCommerce professionals what they feel are the big challenges for their eCommerce team in the year ahead. We have already revealed the eCommerce team goals, but what challenges might stand in their way?

The last year alone has been full of challenges - we're sure everyone across the industry are hoping for a less bumpy ride moving forward. Although eCommerce companies did see a boost from customers shopping throughout lockdown, there are still plenty of developments to adapt to. How can they retain the customers they gained during lockdown? Internally, can management strike a balance and make hybrid working a success?

The eCommerce team challenges  

eCommerce Team challenges graph

Covid-19 uncertainty: It is not surprising to see this at the top of the list. Respondents were invited to select all that apply to them, so this is a significant number. It is however quite broad in that it can apply to a number of challenges the pandemic brought to the surface. From adapting to home working to job stability, we expected uncertainty to play on respondents minds.

Workplace happiness & well-being: Another new option in our questionnaire, we recognise this will be a challenge in all work industries. Working remotely makes it harder for management to make sure employees are feeling OK, while people need to ensure they are still taking time for themselves. It is very easy to start earlier and finish later when working at home.

Customer acquisition & retention: We have already mentioned this one! Customers definitely relied on eCommerce - now, brands must ensure they continue to stay loyal even now shops are open again. When it comes to acquisition, the lockdowns meant that companies had to act quickly to attract customers and keep afloat. Many companies saw great success, so standing out amongst strong brands will be very competitive indeed.

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