Ecommerce salaries in 2019: what do junior level professionals receive?

Jul 10, 2019 9:30:00 AM

When starting out in the ecommerce industry, what salaries are junior ecommerce professionals receiving?

According to our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report, 69% of our respondents have seen an increase in their salary. Furthermore, the average ecommerce salary across the industry is now £61,330 – a great increase from £54,718 in 2018!

To get a deeper look into the subject of ecommerce salaries, we will look at seniority levels throughout the week to determine what has changed at different points of the ecommerce career journey.

Note: When looking at junior salaries, we will be looking at respondents from assistant to executive levels.

Average ecommerce salary for junior employees

The average salary for junior professionals in the ecommerce industry is now £32,649! In 2018, it was £30,089 which means junior professionals have seen an 8% increase in their average salaries. We saw from our report that improved staff retention is a big goal for hiring managers, so nurturing talent while they’re still progressing is a great way to do so!

Want more salary insights? Well, you’re in luck because we’re just getting started. At cranberry panda, we work on multiple ecommerce specialisms within the industry – let’s see what junior professionals working within each specialism are earning in 2019!

Ecommerce (Ecommerce site management, online trading & online merchandising)

The average salary for junior professionals working within ecommerce management, online trading & online merchandising is £28,529. This is a 3% increase from £27,700 in 2018, so it’s great to see an uplift for junior professionals in this specialism!

Digital Marketing

For junior digital marketing professionals working in ecommerce, the average salary in 2019 is £30,500. This is a fantastic 9% increase from 2018, where junior digital marketers had an average salary £28,000.

Web & Data Analytics, CRO & Data Science

Junior professionals in web & data analytics, CRO and data science can expect an average salary of £39,000. With the average salary in 2018 standing at £37,571, professionals in this specialism have seen a 4% increase in 2019.

Digital Design, UX & UI Design

The average salary for digital design, UX & UI design junior employees is £35,769 in 2019. This is a 4% increase from £34,531 in 2019. It’s great to see so many increases in the industry, and these creative professionals are no exception!

(Please note, due to a small number of junior professionals within performance marketing, social media and product management taking part in the questionnaire, we cannot present insights for these. Do get in touch with us if you need further insights for these specialisms!)

Does your ecommerce salary match up?

We hope all junior professionals reading these insights will have a clearer picture of what is happening in the industry, especially when it comes to salary. Why not check out our latest ecommerce jobs on our category page…you just might find the next step you didn’t know you needed yet! If you’re hiring junior employees, check out the employer hub for advice and to get in touch with the pandas!

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