Ecommerce salaries in 2019: what do mid-level professionals receive?

Jul 11, 2019 8:10:00 AM

What is the average salary for mid-level professionals in the ecommerce industry? As ecommerce professionals climb the career ladder, more doors open, and exciting opportunities are aplenty! Does this make a difference to salaries?

We have already looked at salaries for junior ecommerce professionals, and will round up our latest #PandaPounds series with senior professionals tomorrow!

Average ecommerce salaries for mid-level employees

The average salary for mid-level ecommerce professionals is £54,457 in 2019! In 2018, the average stood at £50,056 which means mid-level employees have seen an 8.7% increase in their average salaries…great news!

(Note: when looking at mid-level ecommerce professionals, we are looking at junior managers, managers and senior managers.)

While this group of respondents have seen some good news collectively, we will now look deeper into this subject by looking at our ecommerce specialisms. Have there been positive changes within these? Let’s find out…

Ecommerce (Ecommerce Site Management, Online Trading & Online Merchandising)

The average salary for mid-level professionals working within ecommerce management, online trading & online merchandising is £51,166. This is a whopping 17.3% increase from £43,593 in 2018! Will other mid-level professionals see such a significant increase?

Digital Marketing

For mid-level digital marketing professionals in the ecommerce industry, the average salary is £47,650. With the average salary at £43,529 in 2018 this is yet another increase…9.4% to be exact!

Web & Data Analytics, CRO & Data Science

Ready for huge salary news? Professionals working within web & data analytics, CRO & data science can expect an average salary of £71,750 at junior to senior manager level. In 2018, this stood at £48,275…giving us a huge 48.6% increase.

Digital Design, UX & UI Design

The average salary for mid-level digital, UX & UI designers working in ecommerce is £50,468.This is a 16.8% increase from 2018, when the average salary was £43,192. There certainly seems to be positive news for all our ecommerce specialisms so far!

Performance Marketing

Performance marketers working in ecommerce at a mid-level receive an average salary of £50,769, which is a 20.6% increase!

Do these averages match up to your mid-level ecommerce salary?

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