Five panda pointers: how can your team make a difference?

Feb 11, 2016 11:19:06 AM

How great is it when people come together to show their support for a great cause? There are plenty of ways for your superstar team to come together and not only have fun, but raise money and awareness for great causes.

1) Bake Sale

A no brainer! Bake sales have been part of charity fundraising for years. Get volunteers to bake some delicious treats and watch everyone else drool over the cakes (not literally of course!) Why not shake it up a bit with a bake off style show stopper to raffle off as a prize? It’s guaranteed to bring in extra cash for your charity/charities of choice.

2) BBQ

Similar to a bake sale, though definitely one for the summer! When the first signs of summer creep through, people get excited…it’s a fact! Why not capitalise on the summer cheer? Throw a BBQ where beers, Pimms, burgers and hotdogs are sure to draw people in. To get the most out of this idea, have some charity games or blend it in with a sports day!

3) Race Night

One of the more precarious ideas on the list! With a horse racing DVD in hand, invite people along to bet on the races. Anyone who wins gets a small share of the funds but you are usually left with a nice sum to give to great causes. Race nights are best held in a bar with a good screen, which means people are a lot more generous for the later races of the evening…

4) Fine Jar

This is a great one and costs nothing to pull off…unless you really want to splash out on a fancy jar! Have everyone set one rule, for example no swearing or no whistling. Commence at the start of the month and see who can stick to these rules. The trickier the rules are to avoid, the more money you can get. You also get to see who the biggest culprit is!

5) Run/Cycle/Swim (& so on...)

What kind of sporting events would your team enjoy? You might be aware that our chief panda Jonathan loves a run…or should I say ultra-run! There is plenty of variety and always a run/cycle taking place. If a colleague is taking part, why not show your support by joining them or helping with some awareness?

And that’s all there is to it! There is no better way to support a great cause than to have fun doing it. We hope you can apply one of these ideas to any potential fundraising activities throughout the year. We certainly will!

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