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Have you been to any Ecommerce events recently? We hope you used our tips on how to make the most of your next industry event!

Knowing what you want to take from an event is important before you even show up, but what do you do once the event is finished? Making the most of an industry event carries on after it has finished, and the latest Panda Pointers aims to show you what you can do following an event…

1) Apply your learning

Were there any interesting talks or sessions at the event. These are usually a great way to learn something new about your work and allows you to question your own processes. Am I being as productive as I can be? Is there anything that will make my life easier? You should have these questions lined up if learning is a big pull for going to a particular event.

When you return to your work space, take the key takeaways, and apply them to what you do. Don’t allow any ideas to waste away on your notepad.

2) Write about your Ecommerce event experience

Writing a blog or an extended piece on an industry event is a great way to follow up your attendance. Not only can you reconnect with the organisers and attendees, you can show fellow professionals you are active in your industry, and willing to get involved with all the latest happenings.

You might get invited along to similar events and meetups or even get a chance to speak at one if you produce a great piece about the event. Ultimately, you can use this as a fantastic personal branding tool for your career. 

3) Analyse your reasons for going to Ecommerce events. Does it pay off?

Why did you go to your last event? Were you looking for a new digital job? Maybe you just wanted to network and learn some interesting things. Whatever the reason, make sure you conclude whether the event was the right one for you.

Were your fellow attendees the right audience? Did the organisers arrange an event that suited everyone? Have you come away from the event feeling satisfied? If you were not blown away by an event, you need to know why and put your time into one that will be more useful to you. This will help when you need to determine if another event is worth signing up to. 

4) Reach out to the people you spoke to

It’s always great to extend your network, so whoever you have a conversation with at an industry event make sure you connect on LinkedIn.

At your next event, you never know what familiar faces you will run into but it’s particularly good if you become a familiar face too. This can only happen if you keep in touch with organisers and attendees alike and you’ll never have to worry about networking dilemmas ever again!

5) Attend another Ecommerce event!

Once you know why you attend these events, and how you benefit from them, then sign up to another one. Sign up to three if you have the time! Just make sure you have your goals for the event and that you follow up on them! 


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