Five Panda Pointers: Reasons to hire ecommerce contractors

Jun 20, 2018 11:11:09 AM

When you’re hiring ecommerce talent, the timeline doesn’t always go exactly to plan. If one hire in particular is quite urgent, it can feel very stressful when you can’t get a new employee to start when needed.

This is where ecommerce contract professionals come in – there is a steadily building pool of ecommerce talent who prefer to work on shorter contracts across a variety of industries. In our latest Panda Pointers post, we are going to outline five reasons why you should hire ecommerce contractors if you’re hiring process isn’t following the plan…

1) Supporting your team

When there is a vacancy in an ecommerce team, it obviously means other members of the team will have added pressure. The workload may be distributed evenly while you find a permanent replacement, but ultimately, it’s important your team are constantly playing to their strengths (i.e. doing what they know and love!)

An ecommerce contractor will be able to support the team and handle the workload they don’t usually take on in their daily routine.

2) Quicker time to hire

Perhaps you have not yet found the perfect permanent employee for your team, or you have but they have a longer notice period that can’t be reduced.

The benefit of hiring an ecommerce contractor during this gap is that you can find the right person, with the right skills needed in the interim quite quickly. Contractors who are coming to the end of their current position or are looking for an immediate start will be looking for that perfect contract role!

3) Potential inspiration

You’d be surprised about the positive impact a person could have on your team, even in a short space of time. An ecommerce contractor will come in with little knowledge of internal processes and how the team works. As they won’t be around too long, they won’t be afraid to offer fresh insights and inspire the team with their different outlook. They won’t rock the boat at all, but this fresh view on what the team might see as the norm could get the team thinking about how to change things up!

4) Search for specialist skillsets

Another wonderful benefit of ecommerce contractors! If there is a specific project that requires a specialist skill set to help set the project in motion, you will have a pool of specialists in the contractor market! This is also useful when trying to fill a vacancy and using a contractor in the interim. If there is a specific aspect of the role they will be focusing on to keep things going while you search for the permanent employee, you can find a specialist contractor to do this!

5) Flexibility

As we mentioned, ecommerce contractors are in high demand! However, they love a challenge and have more flexibility when it comes to selecting their next contract position. Because of this, you can always extend a contractor’s time in your team if needed. Remember, however, to always specify at the beginning of the contract that there could be a possibility of extension – otherwise they may be snapped up for another contract before you realise it!

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