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Are you hiring ecommerce talent before the new year, or are you going to kick off a recruitment drive when you return in 2019?

Whatever your hiring plans may be, it’s a busy time as the new year approaches…so we have put together a quick guide to help you streamline the ecommerce hiring process which will allow you to prioritise it, rather than rush through it.   

Note: these tips are relevant all year, but we thought now would be the perfect time to share them!

Planning ahead

The best thing to do at the end of the year, or the start of the new year is to plan when you will need to hire. Are there certain periods of planned growth that will potentially include a hiring drive? Perhaps the team is expected to grow a certain amount in the year and planning will help with this too.

Even when there aren’t immediate hiring plans, there can always be some surprises – an employee leaves or you must let someone go. Here are some things you can have in mind so that when the time comes, you can speed the process up.

  • Budget: Having an idea of budget when it comes to new hires or potential team replacements.
  • Workload: Are planned campaigns and workload manageable with the current team? You don’t want to put loads of planning into something, only to realise that execution will fall flat due to lack of people? Always know when you need extra hands – even if it means hiring ecommerce contractors at certain periods, it’s always good to keep in mind.
  • Spreading the word: Letting teams know about these hiring plans is key – those who need to be involved in the process can help with initial planning while others can anticipate when exciting changes will happen in the business!
  • Knowing the skills gaps: So, we know anything can change throughout the year, but knowing the gaps in the team when it comes to skill will really help make projections for the kind of people you want to join the team in the next 12 months.


Networking isn’t just about getting yourself out there – it’s your chance to meet new people and attract them to your company. Of course, not everyone is at these events to find a new job but it’s all about building those professional relationships for the future. The right person might be looking further down the line or they might know someone great who is looking now!

There is also the option of reaching out to specialist recruitment agencies, who excel in placing the kind of candidates you’re looking for. Again, you might not need them right now or you may feel confident in the company hiring process, but it doesn’t hurt to establish that relationship.

How do you advertise? Is it time to try new things?

When it comes to hiring, how do you advertise your role? Is it through a recruitment agency who will do that for you? Do you do it yourself?

The best thing you can do when it comes to hiring periods is to research the best places to advertise your role. Ask for advice and you can even see what your competitors are doing to attract the best talent to their team. If you do work with a recruiter, how much do you know about their advertisement strategy? Always make sure you’re happy with how the role and your business is represented.

Planning a successful advertisement strategy will help you find those hidden gems…or should we say, help them find you!

Building your ecommerce team?

If you want a chat about building your ecommerce team or want to discuss a key hire now, reach out to the pandas. We are here to help you with your hiring needs, right up until the new year break!


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