Let your digital & ecommerce recruitment insights be heard!

Jan 29, 2021 7:22:23 AM

Our 2021 ecommerce salary survey campaign is underway, ready to collect the latest ecommerce & digital recruitment insights from people in the industry.

With the questionnaire now live, we want to invite you to take part and let your voice be heard! It has been quite the year, so we feel it is more important than ever to really get to the heart of the industry. These insights help candidates and hiring teams navigate the competitive world of ecommerce recruitment...so we need your input!

Why you should let your voice be heard!

As mentioned, 2020 was a year of uncertainty and we want to help the ecommerce industry paint a clearer picture of what 2021 will look like.

We've included a new section in our questionnaire, which covers the impact of Covid-19. We're sure everyone, not just those in ecommerce, saw a shift in their work-life last year. People might still be feeling some uncertainty, so we believe these new insights will really provide a sense of where the industry is heading. Despite the pandemic, ecommerce has experienced growth and is expected to continue this in 2021. However, what will this mean for the people in the industry?

Represent your ecommerce specialism

We make sure our questionnaire caters to everyone in the industry. Marketers, analysts, designers...we want to hear from you all! For our candidates, and other job seekers in the industry, the questionnaire helps us offer advice that can help you really stand out within your specialism. The salary benchmarking gives invaluable information on what other people are being paid and the work-life balance section allows you to consider your own work-life situation. Some of the specialisms represented in our survey include...

Help define an ecommerce hiring process

Every company has a different approach to hiring, but our questionnaire allows hiring managers to really understand expectations of the ecommerce hiring process. With the current situation, there have been a few changes to the way people are hiring - from interviews to onboarding new talent remotely. This is not easy...so, your insights of this will really help those hiring ecommerce talent improve their approach. If you're a hiring manager reading this, then we really want to hear from you!  

Share your digital & ecommerce recruitment insights!

Our ecommerce salary survey questionnaire takes no more than five minutes to complete. We will be sending the report directly to everyone who takes part once it is ready. Click below and share your digital & recruitment insights...your voice matters! 

Take part in the 2021 ecommerce salary survey

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