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Posted: 28th of March 2017 by Neil A. Arnoux

Measure Camp: What happened on Day 1?

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The Web & Data Analytics pandas attended the recent Measure Camp London, and it was interesting to say the least. Day 1 was a day of pure learning, as industry experts ran training sessions throughout the morning and afternoon. Here’s a quick summary of what the day entailed…

Measure Camp is in demand

First of all, the fact that all of the training workshops were completely sold out after just a couple of weeks of being on sale just shows you how amazing MeasureCamp is. It’s probably the best value for money, in terms of daytime data training courses, out there. The demand for the training sessions also demonstrates how engaged the web analytics community is in wanting to up-skill themselves to keep ahead of the curve. 

Secondly, it's very interesting to see what training topics and themes are being run this year as it gives a very good indication to the direction Web Analytics is going. Whether you are looking to further your career or looking to start your career in this sector, you should continuously look at new trends and developments so that you’re not left behind!  

Measure Camp London Training topics

The principle training topics this year included…

  • Adobe analytics
  • Advanced R
  • Tag management (GTM, Ensighten and Tealium)
  • Lean Product Optimisation
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Power BI for Google Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation for agencies
  • Data mining and Predictive Modelling.

These key topics just reaffirm the ongoing trend that is shaping web analysis for the future. Data mining techniques, learning scripting languages such as R / Python / SQL to query and manipulate big data combined with Adobe analytics and tagging architecture are coming into play stronger than ever before.

Web Analytics tools are very powerful to gather data for performance metrics but applying deeper marketing statistics and predictive models can help shift your standard analytics to spot trends before they occur. 

Want more Measure Camp goodness? 

That was just a taster of what the first day offered, so make sure you stay tuned for more insights from Measure Camp day 2. 

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