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Posted: 29th of March 2018 by Ben Lerch

Meeting your recruiter...food for thought!

Career Advice & Tips

Following on from our focus on the benefits of meeting your recruiter, our Digital Design & UX consultant Ben has some more food for thought!

“Meet my Recruiter? WHY?!”

Firstly, what is your aim - to see what else is out there? Or to hopefully find your ideal Job and company?

Let me tell you a short story: I recently placed a candidate in her dream position –a great new company in Central London, excellent products, brilliant team and a super cool Google-esque work environment!

It was a straightforward process and both parties were extremely excited to work together! Now, was this because I knew what she wanted? Because I knew what company culture she wanted? Her preferred location/commute? Her family/financial commitments? Absolutely.

All of my best candidates, I have met personally, and I call them my “Top Candidates” because I have met them and because I understand their requirements.

Working with cranberry panda

Here at cranberry panda, we hate sending you irrelevant or unsuitable jobs, as much as you hate receiving them! However, without a deep understanding of your goals, we will not be able to understand the minutia or detail of your situation or where you’re trying to get to in your career.

We don’t just offer you new positions – we offer industry knowledge, constructive advice, honest feedback, job consultation, further education advice…basically, how to get to where you want to go!

So next time your recruiter asks to meet – he/she is not asking you to buy them a coffee (they should pay anyway!) They are trying to understand you and how to best to help you!

If you are on the lookout for new ecommerce opportunities or just seeking some advice, feel free to contact cranberry panda, so we can arrange a time to meet and discuss the next step in your career!

Food for thought – would you hire someone based on a CV or 10 min call alone?

cranberry panda Digital Design Recruitment Specialist

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