Panda Q&A: UX chat with retail strategist Robert Isaacs

Jun 16, 2015 3:59:13 PM

We recently caught up with retail strategist Robert Isaacs for a chat about one of the industry’s most in-demand skills: user experience (UX).

Eager to learn more about his thoughts on the latest trends and developments, and the best thing about working in UX design, we had a whole load of questions waiting for him! Here’s what happened …  

cranberry panda: What’s the very best thing about being a retail strategist at the App Business?

Rob: Recently, I’ve been pretty fortunate to work with a lot of new and talented people. Getting that opportunity definitely ranks higher than anything else.

cranberry panda: The digital landscape is evolving at an almost alarming rate. What are your thoughts on future demand for UX design professionals? 

Rob: Like software professionals on the whole, UX will only be increasingly in demand. However, the curve here will be steeper as companies begin to further understand how to maximise their chances of creating successful products.

cranberry panda: These days, we seem to hear a lot about lean UX, agile working, the IoT and slippy design, and more. Which trends are you most excited about, and why?

Rob: Bigger than all of these, for me, is the growing trend of Responsive Org. It’s a fundamental shift in how companies work and organise which is leading to a much more responsive way of working that allows individuals and companies to take advantage of the other trends.

cranberry panda: We loved your UX approach presentation at May’s Web Analytics Wednesday (#WAWLondon) event. Tell us, what are the biggest issues that you face when moving from the research phase to the delivery phase, and how do you move beyond them?

RobDecisions. It’s always difficult making a vast number of decisions quickly as a team. We’ve experienced a decent amount of success by establishing frameworks that are simple to understand that allow us to collectively make a decision and move on. When it comes to delivery, the lack of decision is typically the route cause for failure.

cranberry panda: How do you keep up to date with all of the latest ecommerce industry trends?

RobI’ve got a healthy mix of newsletter subscription and app habits. I subscribe to Ben Evan’s weekly newsletter, Stratechery & Mattermark. In terms of apps, I frequently dip in to Medium, Product Hunt & Twitter. And for the fans of Daily Mail, I always recommend Tech Crunch ;)

cranberry panda: Last question! Can you share some juicy tips for all of the budding UX superstars out there..?

Rob: UX may be a role, but it’s a shared discipline, so make the most of the people you work with.

What a great tip!

Big thanks to Rob for taking time to chat!

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