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Salaries & Seniority in ecommerce: Men Vs Women

Oct 17, 2019 2:28:08 PM

Are men paid more than women in the ecommerce industry? Are more women climbing the career ladder to secure senior level roles? It’s time to find out as we explore the gender gap in ecommerce, following on from our first blog installment.

We have already seen from our first blog on this subject that quite a bit has changed since 2018. Are we going to see a similar trend with these #PandaPounds stats presented today? There’s only one way to find out!

Gender vs Seniority in ecommerce

Are there more men sitting in senior level roles or has there been a shift in the last 12 months? We asked the respondents of our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report where they were in their career journeys. Here’s what they told us…

Gender and Seniority in Ecommerce

When it comes to manager level roles, there has been a slight drop of women within this position. However, there has been an increase in the number of women in senior manager, head of and director/VP positions. It seems women are climbing the ladder into higher levels of seniority more than previous years results have shown.

When looking at our male respondents, there have been quite a few changes across all seniority levels. There has been a decrease of males at the assistant and executive levels, which could suggest more women are entering the industry. While there has been a slight increase in the manager seniority, there is a slight decline within the senior manager level. We also see a slight decrease within head of and director/VP seniority levels.

Does this shift tell us that we are heading for a more balanced number of males and females within the ecommerce industry and the seniority levels within it?

How much are men and women earning in the ecommerce industry? 

In our 2019 questionnaire, we asked our respondents to select their current salary bracket. For this part of the blog, we will look at each salary bracket and what percentage of men and women fall into these. The results are below for all to see!

Salaries in ecommerce - Men vs Women

We can see a few significant changes here. Only 2% of our female respondents in 2018 received £120,000 and over, though it has increased to 5% in 2019. This is reflective of the increase of women in more senior roles. Male respondents have also seen a 1% increase in these salary brackets.

In the lower salary brackets, we have seen a decrease across the board! Both male and female candidates receiving less than £25,000 to £45,000 have decreased from 2018.

Average salaries of men & women in ecommerce

The average salary of our 2019 respondents saw an increase, coming in at £61,330. What about when we look at males and females individually?

In 2018, the average salary of male respondents was £61,669. It’s great to see that this year, there has been an increase to £65,829. When looking at our female respondents, the average salary in 2018 was £47,985. So, we’re happy to see that the average salary now is £56,243.

While men in the industry do have the higher average salary, it’s still important to note the significant jump forward for women this year, when compared to the increase for males.

Do you think you’re being paid fairly?

It’s a competitive industry we work in – do you know all the latest insights. Download a full copy of our 2019 salary survey report below, and see if your salary, work-life balance and workplace happiness match up with the majority!

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