Sneak peek part 2: More teasers from our 2022 eCommerce salary survey

Mar 24, 2022 10:05:22 AM

Our 2022 eCommerce Salary Survey questionnaire is officially closed for responses. We have had a phenomenal number of eCommerce and digital professionals sharing their insights. These really make all the difference when it comes to compiling the final results.

We are pleased to say that the final report is already underway and will be available to download very soon. If you want a copy of the 2022 eCommerce salary survey & insights report, you can request a copy in advance.

If you're feeling a little impatient until then, do not fear. Following on from our first sneak peek of eCommerce insights, we thought we would share a few more teasers to really get you intrigued for the final report.

Have eCommerce salaries increased?

Every year, we look at eCommerce salary increases across different age brackets of our respondents and the industry as a whole? We are pleased to see increases across the board! In particular, respondents in the '25 and under' bracket saw a 10.9% increase in average salary - are companies offering more to attract fresh talent? For the full breakdown, be sure to download the report!

Hybrid working in eCommerce

When we planned the questions for our 2022 questionnaire, we knew hybrid working was going to be a hot topic. Countless industries, not just eCommerce, have started to adapt to a hybrid model to attract and retain staff. 

42% of respondents are working in a hybrid way, be it 2 days at home or 2 days at the office. We have also seen an increase in respondents saying that remote working, fully or hybrid, is essential in a role. There are plenty more insights on this topic, which we can't wait to show you!

Work-life balance and eCommerce

In the initial stages of the pandemic, work-life balance was a tricky subject. Sure, people were working remotely but finding the balance was tough. Without a commute, many people ended up doing more work. What are the statistics for 2022? The outlook is definitely more positive, and likely coincides with the hybrid working insights. The report will be full of more details on workplace happiness, so make sure you don't miss them.

Get your hands on eCommerce industry insights

To explore our eCommerce recruitment insights, you can click below to request a copy of the 2022 report. You will receive a copy of the report at launch, meaning you will be one of the first to see these exclusive insights! 

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