The 2024 eCommerce Salary Review

Apr 10, 2024 10:28:08 AM

It’s time for the 2024 eCommerce salary review!

Curious about eCommerce salaries in 2024? Our recently unveiled 2024 eCommerce Salary Survey Report has all the insights you need, from industry benchmarks to current workplace trends.

Download your free copy now and join us as we uncover whether salaries have undergone significant changes since last year.

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Average eCommerce Salaries by age bracket

We typically break down average eCommerce salaries by age brackets, and this year, we've seen increases across the board!

  • Professionals aged 24 and under got a tiny boost of 0.4%, now making an average of £29,980. It might seem like a small increase, but it's a win for those starting out in eCommerce.

  • The 25 – 35 crowd saw a bit more with a 1.5% bump, bringing their average to £59,556.

  • Things really picked up for the 36 – 45 group, jumping a whopping 11% to an impressive £88,951.

  • The 46+ group hit the jackpot with a 14% increase from last year, landing at £107,352 on average.

It's great to see everyone's getting a raise, but it could mean that professionals in more senior roles or further along in their careers are receiving bigger boosts compared to those just starting out or in the middle of their journey.

Average eCommerce salaries throughout the years

Moving on to eCommerce salaries over the past few years, we've observed an overall increase here too.

average 2024 salaries per age bracket

As you can see, while there was an increase from 2022-2023, the jump from last year is more significant – indicating that the eCommerce industry is on the right track for fair and growing compensation!

How did salaries change in the last 12 months?

We asked our respondents to share how their salaries have changed over the past year.

The majority of respondents (61%) reported that their salary has increased, with 38% stating it has stayed the same, and only 1% experiencing a decrease. This marks an improvement from last year, where 5% had reported a salary decrease.

Is it what you expected?

Are you surprised with the 2024 eCommerce salary review? It shows that the industry is moving in a positive direction towards fair and growing compensation trends.

We hope you enjoyed reading about this year’s salary review! If you are looking for more details, you can download your free copy of the 2024 eCommerce Salary Survey today. 

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