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The benefits of ecommerce contractors for the festive season!

Oct 30, 2019 3:17:44 PM

Here at cranberry panda, ecommerce contract recruitment is a huge area for us. While the benefits of hiring them into your ecommerce team are countless all year long, the festive season is a particularly useful time to get that extra support.

The main reason why is pretty obvious. It’s an insanely busy time of the year for ecommerce websites, and super competitive as well. While you might think you’ve got the numbers, your competition is likely bringing in extra help for the Black Friday and Christmas projects.

Here are the main benefits for hiring contractors over the festive season and why you shouldn’t hesitate to find that extra support…

You’ll fill that team gap quicker

It could be that you do have a gap in the team, and you’re pushing on with the search for a permanent member of the team. That’s great, keep that search up! It might be that the process is slightly slower, but don’t feel that this time of year means that you won’t find that perfect hire.

First of all, we don’t believe in the recruitment freeze as Christmas approaches. Leave the freezing for the ever-decreasing temperature outside! However, with end of year bonuses and a busier workload, you might experience a slower turnaround.

But, guess what? There is a huge pool of ecommerce contractors who are looking for shorter term projects right now. It’s the perfect time for them to get their teeth stuck into shorter contracts that will still give them plenty to keep busy with. Even better, if there are particular skill gaps or campaigns that need a specialist eye, you can find contractors who specialize in the most urgent areas you need the support in.

Your team will really appreciate the support

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and the busiest! It’s fair to say Christmas is a busy time both at work and at home! Once December hits, the calendar is already full up with deadlines, meeting, family occasions and celebrations.

Having extra support in the office means the work gets done, and people can keep their holiday commitments too. Work-life balance is incredibly important after all. It also means that there will be more eyes on the projects to ensure the best quality campaigns that stand out from your competitors.

Will a contractor be happy with a shorter contract?

It might be that you would need a contractor for two to three months over the festive season, but you’re not sure you’ll find someone who would be willing to fill that gap.

We’re confident you would! Looking at our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report, we asked our contractor respondents their ideal contract length. 33% of them said a three-month contract is great for them…this was the most popular choice! 7% said a one-month contract suits them fine, while 27% stated ‘other’.

When looking at those who selected ‘other’, many of them said it isn’t about the length of time but was dependent on the project, challenge or company! So, don’t feel people wouldn’t be willing to accept a shorter-term contract…during the festive period, they know they can offer their skills to a company at a busy, yet fun, time of the year.

Will I have time to find an ecommerce contractor?

In short, yes. We’ve found that many contractors are ready for a quick process and are even willing to start immediately. Remember that most contractors won’t have a notice period, so even if you find a permanent member of the team, there’s still the notice to get through.

Referring once again to our 2019 salary survey report, 66% of our contract respondents said they would want a quick phone call and one face to face meeting before accepting a contract. As they’re more flexible, it’s likely they would be able to meet a day or two after the phone call, should all go well!

Are you hiring ecommerce contractors for the festive period?

If you are hiring ecommerce contractors, or at least considering it, we hope this has given you some insight into how they can help and how it’s not a daunting process. Get in touch with Kevin, our contracts director, and his team to discuss your contractor needs!

Find out more about the contracts team and get in touch today!

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