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The interview process for a new job can be intense, as you tackle each stage of the process in your bid to secure that new job.

There might be different interview styles – from group interviews to a panel – or you might have to complete a task to prove you’re up to the job. But what happens if you think the interview process has moved too fast? If you’re offered the role, but you feel that there is more to be discovered from the process it could make the decision to accept a tricky one.

How to slow down a quick job interview process

Perhaps it’s not possible to put the brakes on a job interview process at all…after all, it is up to the hiring team and their timelines. Furthermore, you are probably excited by the role as you’ve already come a long way to get to the offer stage – why jeopardise it now when there are ways to address your fears?

Instead, there are ways to get the information you feel is lacking and make sure you would feel comfortable in a team. In every single job interview, you will be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer…does this mean you can only ask questions in the interview room? Of course not! If you’ve been offered a role, the hiring team will fully understand that there will be some final questions.

So, to slow it down just a bit, let them know that you have some questions to ask and be completely open that these are regarding the speedy job interview process. If work with a recruitment agency for your job search, relay your concerns back to them too as they can provide plenty of support. 

Questions to ask

To alleviate your fears that the job interview process has moved too quickly, here are some questions to ask.

  • Is the role a new one within the business? This information might have been covered in the process, but it does welcome an important conversation. If it is a new role within the company, there should be more discussion about where you will fit in and what the long-term plan is for the person who accepts this role. If the new hire will be replacing a former employee, don’t hesitate to ask why they moved on and about their time in the role. You need to know exactly what you’re stepping into.
  • How much urgency is there to have someone accept the role? This ties in with the question above, especially if you are replacing someone. There is no problem in acknowledging the speedy process and asking why the offer has been made quickly. You could ask a more general question about the hiring process across the company…perhaps they simply like to get the hiring process wrapped up.
  • Find out more about the company culture! Asking more about the culture is important if you feel you haven’t had enough insight. You can even suggest that you are willing to pop in and meet the wider team and see the working environment in more detail.
  • Is there anything more they want to know about you? If you feel the job interview process has been too quick, can you be sure exactly why they want to hire you? The simple solution is to ask the hiring team. What is it about your background and skills that led to them offering you the role so quickly? If it appears later down the line that it’s not a perfect fit for you and the company, you will all be back to square one!

One thing to remember…

If you are offered the job following a quick job interview process, you mustn’t feel pressured to accept the role. If the company are pushing you to decide, stand your ground and explain that at least one more meeting would help clear up any concerns.

Reflect on the process overall – do you think they asked the right questions, were they clear on how this role fits in the company and do you get the impression this is a place you will flourish. This is your career so always take charge and get those unanswered questions answered!

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