The rise of the growth hacker

Jun 30, 2015 12:04:55 PM

Last month, we published information on the ecommerce industry's most in-demand skills and rolesUX designersdigital analysts and search professionals topped the list, just as in 2014... but this year, two new arrivals - the growth hacker and the non-executive director - made a surprise appearance.

What is a growth hacker? 

Don't be sidetracked by the term hackers here. A growth hacker won't try to steal secrets from government agencies. He or she is tasked with one goal: growth.You'll most commonly find them working in startups - Dropbox and AirBnB, for example. 

Oftentimes, startups demand fast growth and have little resource to spare, so growth hackers need to be able to look beyond traditional, long-term or costly methods of growth to make an impact. Quickly. 

How are growth hackers different to traditional and digital marketing professionals?

There are two main reasons; the first being that they're usually a little more tech-focussed than the traditional marketer, and the second: they have growth as their only goal. 

What are a growth hacker's greatest skills?

Ideally, a growth hacker must be able to show experience of driving growth at a rapid rate. Typical qualities include a creative yet analytical mind, an unquenchable desire to learn, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an ability to truly understand a target market's online and product experience. 

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