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Jul 19, 2017 2:29:03 PM

By Karishma Davé

Stuck on how to prepare for your next web analytics job interview? Interviews can be scary, especially when the job of your dreams is on the other side! The usual concerns of what to wear, what questions they will ask and how you should answer, may be running through your mind. However, there’s no need to worry, as we reveal the ten most crucial tips to help you wow your interviewer!

1) Career passion

In any interview, it is always important to show passion for your area of work and career. This can be through evidence such as attending analytics events and discussing projects that you have previously been involved in. If the interviewer is given signs of work passion, they will understand your drive and motivation to do a good job.

2) Show love for the company

Do your research! They will want to hear that you have a passion for the industry, sector, and the company itself. Get to know the culture, show that you have an interest, and that you can align yourself with their values. If it’s a job in the retail industry, show not only that you love their clothing line but also that you are interested in their designers and the way the company operates!

3) Read the room

Being able to read your interview audience is a useful skill! As a web analyst, the interviewer will love to hear your technical expertise in your answers. It is important to show that you know your stuff and you can use appropriate jargon and knowledge to put this across. However, if you learn to ‘read the room’, you can gage how technical to be, based on the interviewer and their role. If they are the head of the analytics department, technical language will be appreciated and understood. Other interviewers may not appreciate it so much! So, make sure you can share your technical expertise in a way that is understandable for everyone.

4) Soft skills are just as important

Our specialist analyst consultant at Cranberry Panda has revealed that “soft skills are becoming increasingly important for analysts”. These kinds of skills are easy to be over looked in a career that requires such technical ability however, they are essential and should not be forgotten about! Companies are looking for someone with not only a logical, problem solving mind but also with the skills to manage a team, communicate well and engagingly present data. Show a creative side to your personality! Often, web analysts will be required to communicate in day to day language that all stakeholders will understand. Display evidence of these soft skills through your character as well as through roles that you have taken on previously.

5) Shout about your achievements

Give the interviewer all details of your career achievements and the amazing work that you have done! Be specific and give examples of the positive results of your previous work. Has the data you complied been converted into significant commercial success? Have you been involved in a project that made a huge difference to the company? Sell yourself and shout about your successes!

6) The performance task

Often in the second stage of your interview you will be asked to perform a task to show proof of your skills and understanding of your role. You may be given a case study and be asked to extract data to come to conclusions for the situation. Make sure that your presentation will be understandable for everyone! Complicated graphs and charts are good, but translate this into simple everyday language, and digestible, concise points to reinforce your soft skills and engage the audience.

7) Go back to the basics

Brush up on the basics! In a role that requires so much skill it is so easy to forget the simple things that you learnt in your early days. Things like SQL and google analytics might be areas that the company decide to test you on so, review them before the interview process begins!

8) Know your CV like the back of your hand

Whether it is a telephone interview or face to face, the interviewer will always use your CV as a starting point for questions. Before you go for your interview, know your CV, and be prepared to talk about and explain all of it. You could also, prior to the interview, identify which areas of your CV relate well to the job description and emphasise these points. This will demonstrate that you are the perfect candidate for the job!

9) Have questions ready

At the end of your interview you are likely to be asked if you have any questions. A good way of showing an interest is to have some related questions which will make the interviewer think and give you more of an insight into the role and company. Prepare these questions in advance so that you don’t freeze in the heat of the moment!

10) Be positive

Most importantly, believe in yourself! Show confidence in your fantastic abilities and stay calm. Go into the interview with a smile and give energy in your answers. Your personality is such an important part of getting a job and you must let this shine!

So, there you have it! Some amazing tips to make sure that your interviews go smoothly. Have a look at our other career advice blogs for more top tips on smashing your next interview. You can also check out the latest Web & Data Analytics jobs!

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