What does an eCommerce Marketplace Manager do?

Oct 27, 2021 7:06:17 AM

At cranberry panda, we are seeing an increasing demand for eCommerce marketplace managers. It's a diverse role, especially as more niche marketplaces join the eCommerce world.

Marketplace Managers within eCommerce businesses might have a broader role across multiple marketplaces or they might specialise in one - for example, the Amazon Marketplace Manager is another up and coming role.

The role of an eCommerce Marketplace Manager

The job role of an eCommerce Marketplace Manager is an important one within any eCommerce team. This person is required to have extensive knowledge of how each marketplace works and how they can become a profitable channel for the company. 

Often, an eCommerce Marketplace Manager will start their career journey in an eCommerce assistant or executive role, getting to grips with the broader responsibilities and tasks. From here, they can continue in a broader eCommerce role or branch out to marketplaces, online merchandising or online trading.

If this is a role you are hiring for within your eCommerce team, here are some responsibilities and requirements expected of an eCommerce Marketplace Manager...

  • Manage the day-to-day running and development of all third-party online channels
  • Manage all relationships with partners and vendors
  • Set achievable goals and strategy for growth expansion
  • Create sales reports and feed back to the wider team on a weekly basis
  • Define a clear and lean sales strategy for onboarding new partnerships
  • Determine why certain products are trending up or down, clearly articulate observations and propose strategies to troubleshoot problems
  • Develop strategies to increase sales, reduce costs and drive conversion rate of acquired products including price optimization, PPC, packaging/inserts, coupons and deals, customer communications, creative, changing package dimensions, subscribe and save, removing unprofitable products and more
  • Partner with internal teams to develop a go-to-market strategy and facilitate successful, impactful product launches and international expansion.
  • Coordinate with supply chain teams to ensure products are always in stock, premium quality, have updated packaging, and have all appropriate required certifications

These responsibilities will of course vary depending on the needs and goals of a business, but it's a good summary of what the marketplace manager can achieve for the team. It shows that this role is not easy and requires an analytical person who really understand eCommerce. Managing multiple marketplaces and evolving with them really requires a strong multitasker. 

A person who can integrate with the many different teams and make sure everyone is on the same page will be really important. If products need launching, removing or editing, the marketplace manager will need to liaise with many teams to keep the marketplaces perfectly up to date.

Hiring eCommerce Marketplace Managers

When it comes to hiring eCommerce talent, it's always about matching the right person who understands the business goals and how their skills will contribute towards success. The right culture fit is important, so finding that all rounder isn't always easy.

That's where we can help - with more candidates within the eCommerce marketplace specialism enquiring with our team, we are seeing a steady growth for this specialism within our candidate pool. Click below to get in touch with the team and let's discuss how we can help with your upcoming hires.

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