What does the future hold for mCommerce?

Jan 31, 2017 5:35:04 PM

What does the future hold for mobile retail? How are brands using the latest technologies and what does the future hold for mCommerce?

On March 14th, the University of Salford hosts Ecommerce Conference 2017: The Future of Mobile Retail. Confirmed speakers will discuss the latest developments in the mCommerce space, touching on everything from UX and automation to logistics and mobile ready websites.

mCommerce: Topics for Discussion

On the day, topics will fall into a number of categories including: technological developments and the evolution of Ecommerce, delivery and logistics, creating a positive experience and cyber security.

Technological developments and Ecommerce

Topics falling within this category will touch on everything from the nature of ecommerce through to automation strategies to increase online sales. Presentations are perfect for people wanting to know more about consumer behaviour and purchase intention, email automation campaigns that really work, and a combination of online and offline tools that can be used throughout the different stages of the customer journey.

Delivery and Logistical Issues

The continued growth of selling online and the convenience of mobile shopping have led to delivery and logistical issues which affect businesses of all sizes. Changing consumer expectations and demands have increased pressure on brands too, forcing them to offer faster shipping and longer return periods to remain competitive. Add to this concerns over the impact of Brexit on logistics...

Don't miss Mette Downer's presentation to find out how brands dealing with these types of issues and how they're overcoming the additional costs associated not only with delivery, but also extended returns.

User Experience and Retention

While user acquisition is still incredibly important, many brands have overlooked the importance of retention strategies. Businesses are now shifting their focus, building teams that assist not only in attracting new customers but in building brand loyalty and driving sales from existing customers. Come along and discover how brands are delighting the customer online and offline...

Cyber Security: Keeping Sensitive Data Safe

As more people turn to online stores to make purchases, retailers are becoming responsible for holding more sensitive data than ever. With this trend, we're also seeing higher fines for mismanagement of sensitive data and more data breaches than ever before. With an increasing amount of data held by businesses and brand reputations (and finances) at stake, being safe online has never been more important - to companies and individuals. How can businesses protect themselves from vulnerabilities and have the right processes in place to keep customer data secure?

Key Learnings on mCommerce

By the time you leave the conference, you'll be armed with loads of ideas to help you improve your customers' mobile experience and address any of the other issues outlined by the speakers. You'll:

  • Understand best practice ways of addressing delivery and logistics issues and remaining competitive;
  • Understand how to deliver an incredible mobile experience and boost customer retention;
  • Be ready for the potential impact of Brexit on ecommerce supply chains;
  • Know how to identify the main threats to cyber security and understand which steps you need to take to keep customer data safe.

Ready to get a ticket to the Ecommerce Conference 2017? Tickets are free, but beware: there aren't many tickets left. Now is definitely the time to RSVP! Grab your ticket on the University of Salford Ecommerce Conference page. The event has now ended. Fear not - you can fill your calendar with these great Ecommerce events.

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