#AskDesiree: How to avoid ecommerce job search nerves!

Oct 17, 2018 9:21:32 AM

Job search nerves happen in every industry, not just ecommerce. You want to make sure you’re applying for roles that are right for you though the thought of an interview process leaves you feeling worried.

Do these nerves mean you should stick to what you’re doing at present? Absolutely not! For my monthly slice of ecommerce career mentoring, I was inspired to write this by one question in particular.

A junior ecommerce professional submitted the simple question – ‘How do I get over my job search nerves?’ There’s more to this question than meets the eye. Junior professionals are at the early stage in their career where they’re still learning tonnes of things about their career journeys.

Just because there is still much to learn, it doesn’t mean you should hold back from progressing to a new role. Where you may lack experience in one area, you can make up for in another area. So, this post is not only for the person who submitted this question, but for all the juniors who are holding back from finding a new opportunity – here’s how to make that leap with great confidence.

Nerves and stress will damage your job search productivity

It’s as simple as that – if you are anxious about hitting that ‘apply’ button, you could potentially miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. I recommend looking through each job advert you come across thoroughly and saving the ones that really excite you.

Once you have compiled a list of your top jobs, read through them again. Your first job is to highlight the skills and responsibilities you know you can knock out of the park. Celebrate that you have learned these things and that you can bring them forward into an exciting new role.

Once this is done, highlight the skills and responsibilities that you will want to improve should you go for this role. Start reading up about them right now and practice them in your spare time. Sure, you might not have solid evidence of your success in these areas but showing the knowledge along with your drive will still impress.

If you let your doubts get the better of you, the job search will become less of a priority and you will start to forget about all the positives in what you currently do.

Don’t compare yourself to others – it’s all about your achievements

It’s so easy to do this…you are aware of what you’re good at, but you can’t help but wonder if others will be better. Nonsense! A job search is about your achievements and what you can offer. The worst thing you can say in an interview is ‘While I may lack the experience of some applicants, I excel in certain areas.’

What do you think is wrong with this? The negative isn’t that you might be less experienced, it’s that you’re choosing to focus on this rather than shouting about the areas you do excel in. Be proud of what you’ve achieved so far and show potential employers the confidence you have not only in what you do, but the confidence to grow.

Seek advice – it’s easier to find than you think!

You owe it to yourself to find a job that will really help you to progress – are you worried that you’re not quite sure where to look?

There are plenty of people out there who can help – people within the ecommerce industry, friends, family and yes, even recruiters! If your job search nerves are down to not quite knowing where or how to start, then you should know that you’re not alone.

People are also there to give feedback – is this what you’re nervous about? Just because feedback might not be overwhelmingly positive every time, it doesn’t mean you need to run for the hills. Instead of being nervous about feedback, embrace it. This is your chance to learn how you can improve and impress on the next dream interview…what’s there to be nervous about?

Always take time for yourself

To keep the nerves at bay and make that amazing leap up the career ladder, you need to look after yourself. Take time for reading, relaxing, running, swimming or whatever else helps you unwind. It’s not always easy to overcome nerves, but when you realise your potential you will be jumping at the chance to begin your job search!

That’s it from me for another month – remember, I’m always here to answer your ecommerce career questions. Don’t be shy…send your questions over to me: desiree@cranberrypanda.co.uk! From job search anxieties to hiring calamities, I’m here to help.

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