Digital Marketing in eCommerce - employee sentiments in 2023

Jun 9, 2023 9:11:50 AM

Digital Marketing recruitment within eCommerce continues to be a key service at Cranberry Panda. It is important for our team of consultants to understand what our candidates are looking for and how they feel in their current situation.

So, our 2023 eCommerce salary survey & insights report helps us do just that! We have combed through our questionnaire data to give you exclusive insights from those working in digital marketing.

Are digital marketing employees happy in their current roles?

Each year, we ask our respondents to rank their current job happiness out of ten. In 2022, the average score for our digital marketing respondents was 6.8/10. Unfortunately, this has decreased this year, with an average of 5/10. Are workloads too demanding? Perhaps marketers feel they are not receiving the marketing salary they deserve. This average should be much higher, so let's see if further insights can help us understand this lower score. 

The current way of working for digital marketers

Before remote working became the norm, many digital marketing professionals believed they always had the capabilities to work remotely, to begin with. Are they doing so now? 75% of our marketing respondents are currently hybrid working, with 16% fully remote and the remaining 9% back in the office full-time. 

Let's talk money - did marketers see a rise in their salaries?

In our overall salary survey results, 69% saw an increase in their salary. When taking the data from the digital marketing respondents, 57% received a pay rise. A further 39% shared that their salary did not change. While the majority did see a positive change, 39% is still a significant number of people who did not see any change to their salary. 

Looking deeper, 75% of these respondents shared that they are comfortable asking for a pay rise. Perhaps this will be a conversation to be had later this year, or the conversation happened and they didn't get the answer they were hoping for.

Diversity in marketing leadership teams

A new section of our survey covered a very important focus on diversity & inclusion. We believe it is important for leadership teams to show this so that the company is leading by example when creating D&I policies. So, we asked respondents to rank the diversity of the leadership team. Marketing professionals ranked this an average of 4/10. In the overall results, the average score was 4.8. So, this suggests there is an industry-wide feeling that different departments in eCommerce companies are not led by a diverse leadership team.

Do you have digital marketing recruitment plans?

We hope our insights have given you valuable insights when it comes to digital marketing professionals! You can download a full copy of our 2023 report below!


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