Digital Marketing Recruitment: Insights from marketing professionals

May 16, 2024 9:15:20 AM

Digital marketing recruitment has evolved throughout the years. The competition for talent is higher than ever, but it's not just about talent acquisition. Employees are being more vocal, meaning retention strategies have also had to shift rapidly.

Our annual eCommerce salary survey allows voices to be heard even more. It provides a space for those in the industry to let their sentiments be known. Every year, we delve into the stats to provide exclusive insights from the different departments that help an eCommerce business operate. Today, you guessed it...we're focusing on all things digital marketing! All the insights presented in this blog are from the digital marketing respondents only!

Digital Marketing salaries - did they increase?

In our overall salary survey results, 61% saw an increase in their salary. When taking the data from the digital marketing respondents, 71% received a pay rise. This is a promising sign, showing that digital marketer's value was recognised in the last 12 months.

However, when we asked respondents to rank their salary satisfaction out of ten, the digital marketing segment gave a score of 6.1/10. Does this mean that although many saw an increased salary, it wasn't quite the amount they were looking for? When ranking the company pay progression scheme, the average score was 5/10. So, it seems there are still conversations to be had around salary progression and ensuring employees' expectations are met.

Our 2024 digital marketing salary benchmarks have been published - check them out!

Digital Marketing team growth 

Have digital marketing teams grown? In times of economic uncertainty, digital marketing teams may find opportunities to grow by adapting strategies and embracing innovative approaches to navigate challenges effectively. 55% of digital marketing respondents shared that their team has grown, while 18% said their team had shrunk.

Reasons for growth included expansion into new markets, a growing start-up requiring new talent and investing in specific areas such as paid social. On the other side, redundancies were the main reason for reducing team size. 

Diversity in the marketing workforce

We recently covered the 2024 diversity & inclusion insights from the eCommerce industry. So, let's see what digital marketing professionals have to say! When asked to rank the diversity of their workforce, they shared an average score of 4.9/10. From our respondents overall, the average rank was 5.8/10. So, this is quite an alarming score. 

Insufficient efforts in recruiting diverse talent, lack of inclusive policies or inadequate representation are all potential reasons for this. Will we see this reflected in other eCommerce departments? 

Mental health and well-being within digital marketing roles

Are digital marketing professionals happy in their current roles and with the responsibilities they have? At the moment, 52% believe they perform best when working remotely while the remaining 48% are happiest in a hybrid capacity. With no one selecting 'full time in the office' it's a clear sign for employers to continue offering hybrid working to improve employee performance and happiness.

We also asked the respondents to rank their workload out of ten. The digital marketing segment gave an average score of 7.7/10, with ten being a 'heavy workload'. This score is leaning towards the heavy side, so employers need to be aware that the workload is not having a lasting negative impact. The respondents shared that increased stress, growing frustration and poor work-life balance are just some of the effects born from a heavy workload. 

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