Digital Recruitment: TikTok enter the recruitment space

Jul 9, 2021 9:27:00 AM

Within digital recruitment, candidates have found it increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd. In the current climate, where remote digital recruitment has become the norm, this task is even harder.

As a digital recruitment agency, we always have our eyes on the latest trends. So, what new ways are there to secure eCommerce jobs? TikTok might have the answer to that...

TikTok enter the digital recruitment space

Launching in the US, TikTok have offered an alternative digital recruitment tool in the form of 'TikTok Resumes'. 

It allows users to showcase their skills, talents and get in front of well-known brands. Think of it as a video pitch! Rather than relying on the words on a CV (or in this case, resume), brands will be able to see the person behind the skills. Could this be the first step towards video CV's?

We don't think the traditional CV is going anywhere at the moment, but it's interesting to see new approaches to the recruitment world. Should this really take off in the US, it's likely we will be seeing this arrive in the UK!

TikTok described the program as a way to expand and enhance their social media channel as a tool for recruitment and job discovery. They have teamed up with brands like Chipotle, Target, WWE and Shopify to invite job seekers to apply to positions that range from entry level to senior hires. 

Already, TikTok has many popular users who share career advice so this was a logical step for the social media giant. Furthermore, the rise in eCommerce means brands are looking for digitally savvy candidates - this tool might just allow job seekers to show off their digital chops! We will definitely be following this to see how it all goes.

Are you looking for a new digital and eCommerce job?

While we wait to see if this pilot program from TikTok is a success, cranberry panda can help you with your eCommerce and digital job search! Click below to submit your CV and tell us about your goals - no TikTok video needed! 

While TikTok Resumes has not arrived in the UK just yet, send your CV to the pandas instead!

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