Ecommerce contract recruitment: what’s new at cranberry towers?

Mar 6, 2019 2:03:48 PM

(By Chris Cox - Marketing Manager)

Are you looking for an ecommerce contract job? Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a star ecommerce contractor?

Here at cranberry panda, we will be celebrating one year of the ecommerce contracts division at the end of the month – how fast has that gone!? We thought it was a great time to share what we’ve been up to within the ecommerce contract recruitment space and share some exciting insights!

Happy candidates

Since we launched the ecommerce contracts division, we have been building a strong network of contractors within the industry. Much like our permanent recruitment team, our contracts division works across multiple ecommerce specialisms - if you need a refresher, our specialisms are…

That’s a lot of candidates to find dream jobs for! However, we think the contracts division has done a great job – 85% of contractors we have placed saw their contract extended while 95% of new contacts who enquired through our website were also placed…if that’s not creating happiness, we don’t know what is!

Happy clients

Why should employers use contractors? We feel it’s the perfect bridge between having no one in the role and having a permanent member of the team on board. For many reasons, people can move on from a role…sometimes quite suddenly.

Our approach to contract recruitment is the perfect solution to a sudden gap in your team. The last thing you want is to have the team or business as a whole suffer because one of the cogs isn’t moving. We work quickly, though we ensure every candidate we represent is right for the role at hand. Need more reasons as to why contractors are right for your business? Here are a few more!

Top placements for the ecommerce contract division

We thought we’d share a few highlights from the year, to show our happy candidates and clients in all their glory! Here are some of the brilliant ecommerce contract placements…

  • Senior Graphic Designer with a luxury footwear and accessories brand
  • Content Production Manager with a menswear brand
  • Email Marketing Executive with a sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion brand
  • Ecommerce Trader with a multichannel British heritage retailer
  • Digital Marketing Executive with a footwear brand
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager with an accessories retailer
  • Head of Ecommerce with a long running entertainment publication
  • Performance Marketing Specialist with a children’s accessories brand
  • Senior Ecommerce Manager with a luxury beauty brand
  • Lead Customer Analyst for a fashion & accessories retailer

We really could go on…this is a tiny fraction of the hard work our ecommerce contracts division has done over the last year. So, if you’re looking for a new ecommerce contract job or an employee, reach out to our ecommerce contracts manager, Sheena Popat!

Send Sheena a quick message and she will be in touch for a chat!

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