eCommerce Recruitment Trends - The current hiring market

Jul 10, 2024 11:19:14 AM

It's time for the latest eCommerce recruitment trends! In this landscape, is there ever a perfect time to hire? For job seekers, when is the best time to search for a new eCommerce job?

It's not straightforward. As an employer, a vacancy can spring up at any given moment. Furthermore, business growth and success will eventually require a bigger team with different skills. As a job seeker, you never know when the urge for something new will begin. 

In our 2024 eCommerce salary survey report, we asked our respondents (employers and candidates) when they plan to hire next or when they plan to look for a new role. These are invaluable stats to have, as they give you an idea of when the competition for talent and jobs will be at its highest. For business leaders, you can also determine when most candidates will be on the market.

Note: This data was collected from February to March 2024. 

When will eCommerce businesses be hiring next?

First up, let's look at the hiring managers segment from our questionnaire data. 


Graphic: When do eCommerce companies plan to hire next?While 38% have no plans, the joint majority plan to hire in the next 6 to 12 months. Even those planning to hire from now (23%) is a significant number. It is a promising sign for job seekers in eCommerce. This trend suggests a growing confidence among eCommerce businesses in their future growth and stability, likely driven by the continuous expansion of online shopping and the increasing reliance on digital retail.

When do professionals plan to move on?

We've seen company hiring they match the job hunting plans of eCommerce professionals?


With 15% of respondents content with their role, the remaining respondents will all be keeping their eye on the eCommerce job market in the next year. In fact, 42% are starting to make plans right now! This signals a potential employee turnover challenge for eCommerce companies. This statistic should encourage companies to think about their hiring plans and how they approach employee retention.

Why now is the time to hire eCommerce talent!

Looking at this segment data side by side, there's no denying that the opportunities to attract fresh talent are now available. The trends highlight a competitive job market within the eCommerce sector, with companies also looking to build their teams. So, talent attraction must start now. From employer branding to outlining a seamless recruitment strategy, the work to attract talent goes beyond a job advertisement. Remember, employee interviews, onboarding and training take time. 

Furthermore, the 42% looking for a new role this year is also an opportunity for companies to determine why these professionals are moving on and what will keep them in a role. Companies might need to enhance their employer branding and offer more attractive employment packages to attract top talent. Emphasising aspects such as remote work flexibility, professional development opportunities, and a strong company mission can make them more appealing to prospective employees.

Our salary survey revealed employee's top non-negotiables when it comes to a new role. 91% chose competitive salaries, 73% chose remote working opportunities and 63% chose job security. Now is the time to get your hiring plans in place, be it establishing a recruitment agency partnership or working on employer branding. It's a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition and attract the very best eCommerce talent. 

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