Recruitment Exclusivity: why it benefits your ecommerce hiring process

Nov 22, 2018 9:18:39 AM

Why do we think recruitment exclusivity benefits you when it comes to working with recruitment agencies? You might think that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, and that’s fair enough. We like to think it’s the best way forward, to avoid a scrambled hiring process…

Egg puns aside, we do think this is an important topic in the world of recruitment. It’s not just about the recruitment agency getting first dibs on the role – it’s about you and how it ensures you get the best possible service…and the best possible employee.

Take control of your time with recruitment exclusivity

We know how time consuming a hiring process can be…workload takes a back seat to the mountain of CV’s pouring in and you must start meeting the candidates to ensure they remain engaged. Do you have your timeline in place?

Now think about having recruitment agencies helping you with aspects of the process – how great is that? This will give you time to focus on that big campaign or all that customer analysis! However, will speaking with multiple agencies who are keen to hear feedback on their candidates really take away a bulk of the work?

Now imagine having one recruiter who will not only help with candidate screening and interview arrangements but will be able to schedule catch ups around you. Working with one person means you can schedule in all the important recruitment tasks and check ins with ease.

Working towards one goal, not five

The beautiful thing about finding one specialist agency is that they will share your goal in finding the perfect candidate who will grow and be happy in your team.

You will have your vision of who you want to hire; skills, culture fit, personality and enthusiasm may be high on your must haves. Having one recruiter to communicate this to will really solidify their understanding of what you’re looking for. Do you want to have to relay this to multiple people or have an in-depth chat with one who will not only get it, but will help you hit that hiring goal?

The recruiter can focus on finding the best talent

If a recruitment agency has exclusivity on your vacancy, you will receive a dedicated service from them. Any exclusive project will receive undivided attention – this isn’t to say non-exclusive projects won’t, but the recruitment agency can set time aside for a thorough talent search without competing to get the CV’s to you first.

You can also rest assured they will be reaching out to the very best candidates while keeping a close eye on the confidentiality of your vacancy. You will definitely see a decline in those cold calls from other agencies!

The chance to build relationships

With every successful team comes the time when team growth is vital to keep the momentum going. There could come a time where you need more than one person to join the team…you might have four people to add at one time!

There’s also the possibility that someone moves on or you must let someone go – it’s a stressful time when you’re suddenly a team member down! If you have developed a previous exclusive partnership with a recruitment agency, you can rest assured that they will be ready to help.

They can also offer more than help with your talent. Whether it be invites to events or exclusive industry insights, you can establish a relationship that really benefits both parties.

Are you hiring ecommerce talent?

When it comes to hiring ecommerce talent, the pandas are ready and waiting! If you have a role you would like to discuss, tell us more and we will be happy to assist.

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