Ecommerce salaries in 2019: what do senior level professionals receive?

Jul 12, 2019 8:40:00 AM

The more senior the ecommerce professional, the bigger the salary…right? For the past few days we have been looking closely at salary changes within the ecommerce industry, and we conclude by looking at senior ecommerce employees. All stats are taken from our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report, so make sure you download a free copy!

We have looked at junior professionals and mid-level professionals, and there have been plenty of positive changes within these seniority levels. Will we see the same in our latest #PandaPounds exclusive?

Average ecommerce salaries for senior level employees

The average salary for senior professionals in 2019 is £90,567. This is a 2.6% increase from 2018, when the average salary was £88,187 so it’s great to see an upward trajectory!

(Note: when looking at senior level respondents, we are focusing on heads of, directors, VP’s, owners and partners.)

As we have done for our other seniority salary blogs, we will now look into senior respondents within each of the ecommerce specialisms we work on here at cranberry panda. Will there be good news across the board?

Ecommerce (Ecommerce Site Management, Online Trading & Online Merchandising)

The average salary for senior professionals working within ecommerce management, online trading & online merchandising is £102,291. This is a huge increase from 2018 – 31.4% to be exact, as the average salary in 2018 was £77,818!

Digital Marketing

For senior digital marketing professionals in the ecommerce industry, the average salary is £80,500. With the average salary at £73,146 in 2018 this is a lovely 10% increase for senior digital marketers!

Web & Data Analytics, CRO & Data Science

The average salary for senior professionals working within Web & Data Analytics, CRO & Data Science is £92,500. This is an 11.7% increase from £82,750 in 2018.

Digital Design, UX & UI Design

The average salary for senior digital, UX & UI designers working in ecommerce is £68,333. This is a 12% increase from 2018, when the average salary was £61,000. So far, all our senior respondents within each ecommerce specialism have seen some positive uplift!

Performance Marketing

The average salary for senior professionals working within Performance Marketing in 2019 is £79,166. Standing at £62,500 in 2018, these professionals have seen a 26.6% increase in their average salaries.

Is your ecommerce salary reflected in these insights?

If you’re a senior ecommerce professional who feels like you should be earning more for what you do, could it be time to explore new opportunities? Be sure to check out our ecommerce jobs category page and start your job search adventure! If you’re an ecommerce employer looking for the best advice to position salaries and job roles, get in touch via the employer hub below!

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